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How to find out if you are looking for a reliable distribution partner

2018-04-01 03:12:24

Personalized wechat business development model in the era of mobile Internet is not so popular. Personalized wechat business has been covered with the title of violent brush screen malicious marketing, it is very difficult to develop to the future. The continuous standardization of wechat business has led to the emergence of three-level distribution platform wechat business. More and more startups will choose distribution platforms to develop. However, for Xiaobai, it is crucial to choose a reliable partner and a reliable distribution system. How to determine whether the partner you choose is reliable?






① Settled in the Tencent official is reliable, after all, security is not considered after Tencent code security monitoring of the third party, stability does not have to worry about are placed on the cloud server.


2 often go to the "public platform developer question and answer system" to see, there are a lot of living people in solving your problems, of course, do not rule out some businesses by answering the question maliciously recommend their own products, please polish your eyes, see the quality of their own operations, in addition to the case, the shared article is deep, Whether or not they have published relevant articles in professional media are the criteria.


③ There are a large number of successful cases on the network, if your company has the financial strength to choose a third party that operates a successful case, after all, the professional third party that operates a successful case can give a less crazy plan after analyzing the positioning of your industry, they will take the time to listen to you about why you want to do it, rather than let you do it. Even if you are a person who has been doing barbecue for more than ten years, don't spend money on ordering food after listening to people talk about how much better the effect of takeout is.


This information is taken from experience without authorization


Do not have the courage to let you use their products for free is not credible, all day to the traditional industry to talk about Internet thinking, free is for the future fees and other classes, to sell their own products when they are not willing to let you use for free when you can Pass directly, as to why? So if you dare to let everyone use for free, do not worry about the so-called information security, the size of the other people simply do not look up to your data.