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How to dress intelligently and gracefully in winter?

2018-04-14 20:48:19

Now is in winter, now this season is the best time to see a person's dress style and taste, but many small partners do not know how to match, today Xiaobian will teach you girls how to dress in winter, I hope you like.


Autumn and winter clothes


Sweater + skirt: Start with a sweater and half skirt for autumn and winter. A lazy oversize sweater paired with an over-the-knee half skirt looks casual and elegant. Short babies can tuck the top into the skirt for better proportions.


Winter suit: For some lazy cancer friends, a minimalist and temperament suit must be indispensable, the weather is getting colder and colder who is willing to leave their warm bed? Not, a simple suit can help us save the trouble of collocation, so that we can rely on the bed for a while.


Coat + dress + light coat: A long coat, stylish and warm at the same time, in autumn and winter, under the dress can be beautiful, if you want to dry a bit can be worn with shirts, knitwear and trousers. Wearing a belt will not only create good proportions but also add a bit of femininity to the whole body.


This page is based on experience


Down jacket + sweater + leggings: a thick down jacket is the most intimate in cold winter, whether it is a long or short down jacket with a solid color sweater and a simple leggings, fashionable and warm, such a combination is simple and full of temperament.

Matters needing attention

Winter weather is cold, love the United States but also remember to pay attention to warm.