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How to distinguish the real latex pillow

2018-04-21 22:24:25

Latex pillow because of its pure natural raw materials, green, non-toxic, antibacterial and mite on people without any side effects; And because of its special production process so that it has good support, good air permeability, long service life and other characteristics are widely liked by consumers, but for consumers how to identify the quality of latex pillow has become a big problem!


Latex pillow


How do you tell the real latex pillows from the fake ones on the market? Look at the color real latex pillow appearance yellow or light yellow, fake appearance white or pale.


Look at the pillow under the bottom of the real latex pillow surface has a very obvious lot of irregular lines, fake generally can not do the same texture to see the pillow's porosity


The latex pillow has honeycomb pores, honeycomb structure, and good permeability, so it can be observed whether there are small pores next to it, which is formed by air when the pillow is formed. Fakes have a smooth, good-looking appearance and basically no pores, but fakes with a small amount of natural latex added also have pores.


Smell pure natural 100% latex pillow has a slight or light smell of frankincense with rubber bark, and some brands still retain the sweet taste of sugar in natural rubber. Fake products have synthetic glue, essence, bleach, etc., naturally no chaos how to cover up will still emit the smell of chemical ingredients.


The real latex pillow has better elasticity and toughness, while the fake one has worse elasticity and toughness. You can feel this in your sleep. The real latex pillow has a good support for the cervical spine, not a general pillow softness, there is a certain flexibility, and the fake latex pillow is very soft.


True latex pillows can be used for more than 8-10 years, and brands with high amounts of latex can even be used for 20 years, but also maintain good elasticity. Fakes become less flexible after six months or one year.


In order to prevent the pillow core from being "stolen", the real latex pillow is sealed and packaged.


In addition, the maintenance of latex pillows is also very important! 1, more pat, latex pillow antibacterial and anti-mite, so it is not easy to breed mite bacteria, but its breathability makes the pillow easy to enter more dust particles, patting with the hand will increase its service life. 2. It must be washed by hand, cleaned by pressing, dried in a cool and ventilated place after washing, or dried with a dry towel or other absorbent material with both hands; 3, avoid direct exposure to the sun, latex pillow pure natural raw materials, sunlight exposure will yellow, and even reduce its service life; 4. Use pillowcase protection, which will protect the use of latex pillows