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How to display different colors with one material in C4D

2018-04-02 12:48:36

The three objects shown here are displayed in different colors, but they share a material. Let's see how it works.


C4D r19


First, set up a basic environment. Three parameter geometries (ball, cube, cone) are selected as the model of this time.


Add a sky to the scene, add a material to the sky that only has a reflection channel, and add an HDR map to the texture of the reflection channel. Add an ambient light to the whole scene.


Go to the basic properties of the object and select Turn on color; Add different colors to each of the three models.


A material, in the texture option of the color channel, adds the surface - show the color.


Add the material created in the previous step to the model in the workspace. This means that all three models use only one material (the material created in the previous step).


At this time, render, you can see that the reflection elements on the model are correctly displayed in each model; But the colors remain separate. In this way, the creation of different colors for the same material can be reduced. You only need one material.