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How to degausse the watch

2018-03-30 01:36:15

Many friends who often wear watches want to know how to degausse the watch, which is more interested. The following small series to tell you how to watch degaussing.


Now the mechanical watch is basically made of metal, such a material can easily cause the watch to be magnetized, after the magnetic watch will appear time difference error phenomenon.


At this time, you need to degausse the watch, and high school physics can eliminate the magnetism of the object through high temperature and violent impact.


Find an iron box to heat it, can not be heated too seriously, too hot will cause damage to the watch itself.


After the heating is completed, the watch is wrapped in a cardboard box, put into the iron box, patiently wait for a while, take out the debugging, you will find that the watch has been degaussed.


The summary is as follows.