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How to choose a high-quality car air pump?

2018-04-22 00:00:21

Car pump is also called inflator, inflator, inflator pump, etc., through the operation of the internal motor to work, used in cars, motorcycles, bicycles, sports balls, inflatable toys and other inflators, to provide security for daily driving, more life provides great convenience. Let's take a look at how to choose a quality car pump!


Inflation speed: A completely flattened tire, whether the tire pressure can be quickly played up to the normal value, the air flow rate should be at least 30L/Min or more. To ensure that the inflation speed is fast, in addition to power, but also to ensure the quality of the motor.


Heat dissipation: In the various components of the air pump, the heat dissipation material of the cylinder is particularly important. Different car air pump selection of cooling cylinder materials are also different, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy die-casting, chrome plating, anode aluminum alloy cylinder, etc., according to different materials, heat dissipation is also very different. Now good heat dissipation cylinder is anodic aluminum alloy cylinder.


Safe use: The car pump is, after all, a machine with pressure, so it must be safe to use. Oil-free design maintenance-free type of pump safety count is higher, safe to use. The car pump wants to use safety, in addition to the safety of the use of the air pump itself, but also to consider the safety of the use of car batteries. It is best to use the vehicle air pump with online insurance, which can effectively protect the car circuit system and ensure the safety of use; If equipped with a battery clamp, it is more secure.


Motor: The power source of the air pump comes from the motor, and a good motor not only runs fast to ensure the inflation speed, but also effectively reduces friction noise.


Easy to carry and store: Since it is a car pump, it must be light in weight and small in size, so as to ensure that it is easy to carry and store, and does not cause too much load to the vehicle. Fengjinba car air pump LG500, with blue backlight pressure gauge, anode aluminum alloy cylinder, pumping speed, with the tire pressure gauge can not only detect the tire pressure, but also in the tire pressure is insufficient tire leakage, gas immediately inflated, tire pressure is too high can also be appropriate pressure relief, air pressure can be replenalized anytime and anywhere, effectively maintain the normal tire pressure.