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How to choose a gift for a boy boyfriend

2018-03-07 19:12:00

Men usually prefer quality tools to quality ornaments. For men, an object that can be used is much more attractive than an object that can only be enjoyed and not used. Knives, guns, cars, camera equipment, audio equipment, watches, pens... This is always the case. Even cufflinks, known as "men's jewelry," are also a tool that has been given the role of buttoning shirt cuffs. Women will also like tools, but when they like tools, the temperament is biased towards men. Take the pen that the ultimate Jun talks about today as an example, if a woman likes the appearance of a pen, it is almost like an ornament; If you like the pen's nib process, inking system and so on, you are closer to liking its properties as a tool. The former is emotional, the latter is rational, and each can find the fascinating place of the pen




Yes, a pen is a fascinating tool, just like a mechanical watch. Not how popular the ballpoint pen is now, a successful person must have a high-quality pen, which is always a symbol of status. Whether it is signing or writing a note, it is a reflection of your own style and taste.


When you pick up a good pen (Montblanc, for example), you can't just pull off the lid and write like a regular pen. You have to gently flick the lid off to slow yourself down, start thinking, and become focused and serious. It is such a small action, but can have a glimpse of the hall, show all the elegance. The touch of the fingers when the tip of the pen sweeps over the paper and the consistent rustling sound when writing will also make people feel down-to-earth.


This is the natural calm of high-quality pens, but also an extension of its connotation. If you look at all kinds of important people or politicians, when they sign a document or agreement, they are almost always holding a pen in their hand - it is a sign of respect for the object of writing, but also to inject emotion into every word they write, focus and serious, deliberate.


And can shoulder this responsibility, is usually the pen industry's "five tigers" - dragon bird sent water, that is, Montblanc (Montblanc, Pelikan, Logo for the Pelican), Parker (Parker), Sheaffer (Sheaffer), Wediwen (Waterman), Literally translated as "water man").


Of the top five, Germany takes two places - Dragonbird, super five stars; Three places in the United States - Paixie water (Vidian was originally an American brand, and later a French brand, which has been acquired by Parker), five stars; Brands such as LAMY, Japanese Pak, Write and Platinum are less so; Domestic heroes (have fallen), Dukes, Picasso, etc., still have to refuel well. As for the Italian Aurora, Montegrappa, etc., who were the middle class of the pen, they were silent; There are some large looming luxury pens, dunhill (dunhill), small and beautiful, unknown to outsiders; There are also some trench pens such as jewelry pens, which are almost jewelry, which will not be discussed here.


Each pen has its fans. In general, it goes something like this:


The most representative of luxury and honor is the dragon pen (as shown in the picture above, the same as below). Signing with it is a symbol of status and power, and everyone aspires to have one. For a long time, Japanese men wore a dragon pen in the pocket of their suits to show their status. In the 1980s, some bankers in Europe and the United States had to hold one in hand when negotiating with clients to increase their competitiveness. Now many people have the ability to buy one, but they are afraid that it is too high-profile to hold. In fact, this need not be tangled, because it is an ultimate dream, never out of date, not how many you buy, you will eventually want to have one, early to have a save some toss it.


The bird pen is as famous as the Dragon pen. The dragon and bird dispute is also a topic that fans never tire of. But in the view of the ultimate king, the bird pen is always slightly inferior to the dragon pen, after all, it can only compete with the dragon bird, but not rob! It is also less well-known than Longbi. Take it out, there is a hint of art in the low luxury, and it is suitable to send women or literary and artistic models.


Pie pen, is a typical representative of American culture, simple and bright, convenient and sturdy, moderate price, but lack of connotation and cultural heritage, the average person can use.


Rhinoceros pen was once the world's first, when it was not a moment of brain failure to forge ahead, it is estimated that other brands were wiped out. Now it is somewhat depressed, the quality of the pen is not as good as the old, and those who do not play with the pen have generally not heard of it.


Pen, the fate of the many troubles and there is water, the quality ratio is insufficient than under, and there is a pro brother parker in front of the pressure, the status is more embarrassing, belongs to the low luxury minority pen. Ling Mei, Bai Le, writing music and so on belong to the second echelon, the appearance is more SAO, the writing is guaranteed, especially popular with the student party. As for the other brands, it is not a long story. Having said so much, perhaps there will be the most strange: the structure of the pen is not complicated, the material can also copy each other, why the difference is so big? To answer that question, you need to know a lot about pens. The reason why the pen is fascinating is that its fine details are moving, and its attention is not lost to mechanical watches. The nib is the soul of the pen, equivalent to the CPU of the computer


According to the different materials, can be divided into stainless steel tip and gold tip two. Steel tips are commonly found in middle and low-end pens, and the writing experience is hard. Gold tip is the standard of high-grade pens, according to the different composition content and refined into 14K (some pens will be labeled: Au585, in fact, 14K gold), 18K, 21K, 24K, etc. In theory, the more sufficient the composition, the softer the gold tip, in terms of corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance can often be more durable (ink is acidic). In order to prevent the gold nib from wearing too fast, a small grain of hard and corrosion-resistant iridium bead is welded on the nib, which is often called "Iridium pen".


There are four main steps in making a nib: cutting the gold sheet, spotting the iridium, opening the slit and adjusting the slit. The cut pieces of gold are sprayed with iridium and then mechanically sewn at high speed. Iridium spots become extremely sharp after opening, causing paper to hang when the pen tip touches the paper at an Angle. In order to avoid hanging paper, some merchants will sharpen the sharp corners when polishing the nib. If the grinding is less, the pen tip still hangs paper in some holding positions; If you grind too much, the hanging paper will not appear, but this grinding too much causes the iridium spot to crack like a baby's bottom, creating a new problem: easy to skip (Skipping), that is, the ink in the middle of the paper can not touch the paper, affecting the writing.


A small pen tip stumps many big brands, just like a salted duck egg stumps a famous chef. For example, the 18K gold nib of the dragon pen has to go through 25 processes and must be hand-polished by experienced craftsmen who have worked for more than 5 years. In the process of grinding, the craftsmen use their ears to judge the degree of polishing of the nib, while drawing a circle on the paper, listening carefully to the sound of the nib rubbing against the paper. Such excellence, but there are still some dragon tips initially have the phenomenon of flying white, need to run in. The good or bad tip of the bird pen sometimes depends on luck. So the top brand, can not perfectly handle the nib, the other can be imagined