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How to choose a beam light

2018-04-09 12:48:02

With the improvement of our country's economic level, along with the emergence of a new generation of main force, after 80 and 90, the wedding performing arts career in our north is in full swing. Although China has strictly checked and prevented many entertainment industries, state units are strictly prohibited from running performances without permission. But the real vitality and source of promoting the development of entertainment lies in the rise of folk power. Rising factors have three aspects, first, the pace of national town construction has not stopped, although the housing market is unstable, but the overall urbanization process is an irreversible trend. Cities, new businesses, new homes, new events, happy events, will continue. This provides an opportunity. Two, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, people have appeared, this generation is individualistic, a very strong sense of personal people, the pursuit of life, so the marriage will naturally pursue perfect unforgettable. In addition, this generation has a lot of pressure, a lot of desire to make money, and also a generation that has grown up with TV entertainment, so this constitutes the executive motivation of this industry. Three, Maslow has theories of physiology, security, sociability, respect, self-actualization. When the low-level eating, drinking and playing are satisfied, entertainment and enjoyment are definitely the trend of the future. You can see more and more bars set up around you. This is the theoretical basis for this development. Anyway, how do you choose a light beam? The appearance of the beam lamp drawing a well-known home. A person who truly loves lighting must not be satisfied with simple lighting and moving. It is to be able to rewind the light freely to show their ideas vividly. Light beam lamp is different from traditional computer lights, the choice of light beam lamp needs to pay attention to three aspects: first, the light should be bright, this is the basic premise. The brightness of the light is related to two factors, one is the light source. The second is lens coating. The diagram below refers to the light beam diagram. Light beam lamp must be white sharp, bright color. The 200W beam lamp is equipped with a 189W Philips bulb, and the 230W beam lamp is equipped with a 230W Osram bulb. Mainstream configuration. The picture below is 230W beam light. The lens coating technology is better, such as the Delia beam lamp uses multi-layer international standard coating technology, which can ensure the amount of lumens of the light. Therefore, the majority of users who need to buy lights should pay attention to, please ask what brand the bulb is when choosing the light, and ask them whether the bubble pressure difference of a batch of bulbs is big. This bulb is more special, to try to maintain the consistency of bubble pressure, in order to better ensure the consistency of the lamp. Two, the speed should be fast, the positioning should be accurate. This is another difference between beam lights and regular computer lights. To give you an example, a good beam lamp in the initial stage of development, is the software and motor synchronization, have their own design patents. Therefore, it can ensure the clean operation of the lamps. It's fast, it's crisp, it's accurate. Therefore, when we choose lamps, we need to provide video information to see the operation reaction of a single lamp, and to see whether his speed and positioning are clean and crisp. A lamp without a clean and sharp response is not called a beam lamp, because it does not bring you a refreshing explosion field effect. The following is a video reference. Third, the performance of the whole machine should be stable, which depends on the configuration and workmanship of the lamps. See what kind of wire is used, good lamps will use iron wire, anti-corrosion and anti-wear will be strong. Color film, domestic color film is inconsistent in consistency. Good color film, Taiwan Baozhen light is the leading optical color film. In addition, look at the motor, a good motor must be very good with the software of the lamp, and a simple assembly can not achieve the ideal effect. It is recommended that users let the internal structure diagram of the home hair lamp for reference. Make more comparisons. The following quotes a well-known home interior diagram demonstration.