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How to buy Guqin?

2018-04-30 20:48:00

For beginners do not understand it is a headache, timbre this aspect is not understood, everyone is touting their own brand, the scene is very chaotic. So how to choose the guzheng? The following is the experience I collected and summarized when I bought the guzheng to share with you. The selection of guzheng is mainly from the panel, the bottom plate, the strings, the size of the zheng head and the side, the zheng code, the tuning box and so on.


The panel and bottom plate of Guzheng are mostly from paulownia. The panel is good or bad mainly depends on whether the texture of the panel is straight, whether the spacing is uniform, whether the panel has a large scar, the size of the irregular part of the tree center, and whether the surface is worn and so on.


The strings are divided into nylon and steel, and the steel strings sound bright but lack charm. Nylon string is softer, more able to express a soft, delicate, multi-rhyme playing style. The sound of the zither depends mainly on the panel and strings. I would like to introduce a few well-known good reputation: Dunhuang's guzheng sound bright, suitable for modern repertoire. However, Dunhuang market is a bit chaotic at present, and there are many fake Dunhuang. So be sure to buy carefully. Yinmeier guzheng, timbre high school bass cohesion harmony. The tone is easy to use and smooth. In particular, their family's pure hand-dug zheng is highly praised. Biquan Guzheng, classical soft tone, more suitable for classical repertoire.


The size of the zheng head and the side edge of this piece is one of the places that can best reflect the production technology of the zheng. (1) Materials, high-grade guzheng often in the size of the guzheng head and the side pasted with rosewood, nanmu and other high-grade raw materials, carefully check, if the grain is irregular, disorganized, it can be proved to be the real raw materials, rather than the triangular plate posing. (2) Paint, paint should be uniform, light and dark. (3) Whether there is a bump on the surface, and whether there is a flaw in the carved text pattern.


Zheng code: Zheng code material is mostly made of redwood zheng code identification in addition to the foot to see the weight of the light sense of the material is suspicious, depending on whether the code foot is consistent with the panel height change is uniform (high bass to treble decline) Zheng code top inset material bone best modern zheng rigid plastic. The zither code does not match the panel. The zheng code and the panel are not consistent enough, one is to affect the timbral color, the other is easy to crush the panel, and the third is that the sound of tapping the panel will appear in the performance. Some have the zither code polished before going out, others do not.


Tuning box: Many people are easy to ignore the tuning box when selecting the guzheng, in fact, the workmanship of the tuning box is also exquisite, first of all, check whether the string nails are rusty, and then see whether the various splicing places, edges and corners have obvious cracks. To sum up the above points combined with beginners to buy guzheng to believe in the brand, only big brands will be demanding excellence, small workshops rough workmanship, the process is not strict check. Like Dunhuang, Yinmeier, Jinyun, Zhuque these are well-known brands. The Guzheng in Dunhuang has a long history and is well-known. The guzheng of Yinmeier has been unanimously affirmed by professional scholars in the industry, and is the best of the guzheng. Suzaku's zither, Northern zither, classical, and not easy to crack.