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How to buy funds to make money

2018-06-02 04:48:00

Fund finance is a way for many people to finance, which will be slightly higher than the bank interest rate, and the risk will be much lower than the stock market, so how can the fund buy to make money? There are a few considerations,


First of all, we should make an allocation of our idle funds, except for the expenditure necessary for life and risk expenditure, the rest can be used for investment, which is a prerequisite, because any investment will have risks.


The purchase price of the fund on different platforms is different, which should be understood in advance, and then choose a platform that you trust to purchase.


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In addition, funds are divided into index funds, monetary funds, bond funds, funds, and hybrid funds. They invest in different directions and have different interests. In a word, the risks are large and the returns are large.


In addition, many platforms will say zero fees to consumers, do not be fooled by him, in fact, any institution has to eat, the fee is 0, but other costs, even higher than the fee, platform user fees, commissions, fees, etc., to ask clearly, you can check the fund's annual report to make clear the investment.


To decide which fund to buy after a period of observation, do not believe the recommendation of some institutions, or have their own subjective judgment, the market is high and low is a natural phenomenon, to have a certain psychological preparation, to learn more about some fund knowledge, this is the fundamental to make money.


In summary, 1) Make use of your spare funds to invest.2) Fund prices vary among platforms, so find a reasonable platform to buy funds. 3. Choose the type of fund according to your risk tolerance. 4. Understand the various fees of the fund.5. Learn fund knowledge, rational purchase.