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How to be hurt by stainless steel

2018-04-22 09:36:48

Xiaobian side sus301 warehouse last week moved stainless steel belt, unfortunately was hurt fingers, rushed to the hospital overnight stitches, here Xiaobian to remind everyone: do not be hurt, you can spray a little white medicine; Keep your hands elevated to prevent increased swelling and pain. Clean your hands to prevent infection. Keep your hands high to get the blood flowing. Apply a cold compress locally throughout the day, but be careful not to get wet. After two days, you can take blood activating drugs. It is recommended to wipe the wound with iodine, and then use some erythromycin external drugs at the wound to avoid infection, in addition, the side of the application of safflower oil and other cold compress within 24 hours after the injury can reduce bleeding, and hot compress can promote the absorption of hematoma after 24 hours. It can be applied locally and evenly after mixing the pills with wine. Smoking less and not drinking. Don't touch water with injured fingers. The above is a small series summary and the method obtained by asking the doctor. I wish you good health