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How does hair fall out badly

2018-04-22 19:12:46

We all know that hair loss is a kind of play with the disease, so that we are afraid of hair loss, in the face of the harm caused by hair loss, so that we do not dare to face hair loss, now there are many remedies for hair loss, so that we do not know how to treat hair loss


Dietary changes; (In most cases, a balanced diet containing protein, zinc, and vitamin B complex provides the necessary protection for hair growth.)


Physical and mental stress; This psychological anxiety or stress will cause a lot of hair loss, resulting in hair loss, will occur 2-3 months after the stress period. Lost hair will grow back in a few months. During this time, be sure to take care of yourself and try to cope with the stress. If the hair growth is not satisfactory, it is recommended to consult your doctor for the best treatment.


Aging; About 40 percent of women have significant hair loss by age 40, and it's more noticeable 10 years later. Estrogen depletion leads to early menopause, which also makes hair weaker and more likely to break.)


Petals for hair loss: Take 1000 grams of petals, wash and dry. Take 1 gram of petals in the morning and 1 gram of tea in the evening, and put it in a cup to open water and take it. After drinking for about 20 days, hair loss can be stopped or greatly improved.


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Matters needing attention

Avoid the sun. The ultraviolet rays in the sun will cause damage to the hair and make the hair dry and yellow, so avoid sun exposure in summer, and pay attention to protection when swimming and sunbathing outdoors.


Air conditioning should be suitable. The warm and cold wind of the air conditioner can become the cause of hair loss and white hair, and the air is too dry or the humidity is too large to protect the hair.