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How does a stage show get into play quickly

2018-04-09 14:24:24

Stage performance is an art form that requires actors to fully enter their roles in order to show the best performance. But sometimes an actor may be unable to get into character. Here are a few ways to help an actor get into character quickly.


Character preparation: Before the performance, the actor should be fully prepared for the role, including understanding the character's psychology, emotions and actions, so that it is easier to get into the role.


Role change: Before the performance, the actor can change the role through breathing, music, movement, etc., in order to get into the role faster.


Emotional substitution: In the performance, actors can use emotional substitution to integrate their true emotions with the emotions to be expressed by the role, helping them get into the role faster.


Sensory stimulation: In the performance, actors can stimulate their emotions through sensory stimulation, such as touch, taste, vision, etc., so that they can enter the role faster.


Teamwork: In acting, actors can collaborate with other actors, using dialogue and interaction to promote themselves into character faster.

Matters needing attention

Do not be too addicted to the performance, avoid emotional fluctuations and affect the performance effect.


Need to pay attention to master the rhythm and speed of the performance, to avoid too fast or too slow performance lead to the role can not enter.