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How do stick figures play volleyball

2018-04-01 19:12:27

Volleyball is a sport, often play volleyball can not only exercise people's body, but also improve people's team awareness, let's take a look at how to draw stick figure volleyball.


First draw the hair of the volleyball player, then draw the face of the figure under the hair, and then draw the ears, as shown in the picture:


Then draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the volleyball player on the face, as shown in the picture:


Under the painted head, draw the right arm and hand of the person, and then draw a volleyball on the hand, as shown in the picture:


Then draw the neck of the character, then the right hand, then the body of the character, as shown in the picture:


Then draw the figure's sweatpants under the figure's body, as shown in the picture:


Draw the character's right leg on the sweatpants, then draw the shoe on the foot on the right leg, as shown in the image:


Finally, draw the left leg of the figure, so that the stick figure playing volleyball can be drawn, as shown in the picture: