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How can bitter melon be planted to plant well

2018-04-23 08:00:03

How to plant bitter melon can be planted well, the steps are sowing seedlings, transplanting, setting up supports, adding fertilizer and water, mature harvesting.


Bitter melon


To prepare momordica seeds for sowing and breeding, you can first sow them into a seedling pot and cover the fine soil 2-3 times the diameter of the seeds. Keep the soil moist, about 40-50 days, bitter melon seedlings grow to 3-4 true leaves when transplanting.


Before transplanting momordica transplanting, it is necessary to turn the ground, apply the base fertilizer, and do the cardigan according to the row spacing of 70-80cm. The seedlings of momordica balsam were transplanted to the garden soil according to the plant distance of 40-50cm, and the planting depth should not bury the leaves.


As bitter melon is a climbing plant, it is necessary to set up a support when the bitter melon vine grows to 35cm long, and timely remove the weaker side vines, old leaves and yellow leaves on the bottom of bitter melon.


After planting, you can pour nitrogen fertilizer once every half month, and apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer 2-3 times when bitter melon blossoms and bears fruit. After the bitter melon results, in the case of dry weather, but also once a week to water.


Mature harvesting of bitter melon is generally harvested half a month after the flower, that is, bitter melon grows up, the peel becomes there, and the color of the fruit top begins to fade. If the bitter melon turns yellow, it is too late to harvest.