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How about a Mazda Atz

2018-02-22 08:00:00

With the progress of society and highly developed today, cars have naturally become an indispensable representative tool for people. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about Mazda. Atz the advantages and disadvantages of this model and daily use performance, I hope to be helpful to everyone's purchase.



Appearance, detail, dynamic performance

The new Atz has always been an unusual category in this class of models, the shape of young, sporty, and Camry, Teana kind of old age is essentially different. The new car reform, small fresh meat like the front face shape and become handsome, the important thing is the interior, the interior design not only keep up with the trend, but also equipped with a new human-computer interaction system, rich configuration also enhance a certain practicality, this reform should further enhance the competitiveness of Artez, see the real car test drive after you will be impressed by him


This minor revision of Atz has added a lot of configurations on high-configuration models, and has also lowered the price, and the cost performance is much higher than before. With the continuous progress in the era of science and technology, Mazda has also adapted to market demand and added a new human-computer interaction system, and the operation and use of this system are also close to high-end models. Overall, the original good places as always, before the lack of places, this time have been improved.


The Artez is quiet at low speeds, and you can hear the engine growl with a little bit of throttle, which is quite enjoyable for dips who can't afford sports cars and performance cars. Control, accurate steering wheel, where to play, linear speed, the family feel very stable, for ordinary cars can not reflect the control limit of the car. We don't attack corners 80 yards, and the only two words that can sum up the control are "good open". From the steering, the gearbox, the accelerator, the brakes, and the suspension, it feels like a perfect fit,


Summary: Of course, it is the appearance, the wind, the asshole red SAO to burst. The chassis is solid, the engine is powerful, the gearbox, with 19-inch wheels, acceleration and deceleration are strong, in addition to the tires and workmanship other are very satisfied. Do not how others to say, they like it, the car is bought to drive their own comfortable to use.

Matters needing attention

When buying a car, don't be superstitious about the so-called new technology, the most important thing for family cars is to save worry and durable, don't just look at the data when buying a car, and some car website evaluations, etc., often have moisture