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Hongcun accommodation Guide Hongcun accommodation recommendation

2018-03-29 12:48:00

Hongcun is one of the famous ancient villages in China, with rich historical and cultural heritage and unique architectural style, it is a very suitable place for sightseeing and sightseeing.


Villa: This is a very distinctive homestay with unique room style, gym, cinema, bar and other entertainment facilities, which is a great choice for families and friends traveling.


Villa Villa: This is a luxury villa with a private pool and garden, offering an upscale stay experience.


Zhangjia Courtyard: This is a traditional ancient residence, after careful reconstruction and decoration, has become a beautiful homestay. Here, you can taste authentic local food and feel the rich historical and cultural atmosphere.


Tongxi Residence: Tongxi Residence is located in Hong Village, is a collection of culture, history, art in one of the homestay. In addition to providing accommodation, there are additional services such as painting and calligraphy exhibition, tea art performance, and cultural lectures.


Lansu Small building: Lansu Small building is known as the most beautiful ancient museum in Hongcun, with beautiful scenery. Offering comfortable accommodation and special cuisine, it is a great place to relax and enjoy.


Architect Jin Yuelin's Former Residence Inn: Located at the South gate of Hongcun, this inn is a century-old building that used to be the former residence of famous architect Jin Yuelin and has now been transformed into a high-end inn. The inn is well-decorated, which retains the style characteristics of ancient buildings, and provides quality service.


Located at the south gate of Hongcun Village, this traditional house has been carefully transformed into a modern homestay. All rooms in the inn are large bed rooms, well-equipped, clean and hygienic, making people feel very comfortable.


Hongcun Xiaoyue Garden Inn: This inn is located in the deepest part of Hongcun and is a very quiet place. The interior of the inn is green and has a beautiful garden and pond, which is a good place to relax. The hotel's restaurant serves breakfast and dinner, and the dishes are exquisite and delicious.


Hongcun Fish Art Wine: This wine is located in Hongcun North gate, is a four-star wine. The rooms are luxuriously furnished and fully equipped with high quality service, and the wine restaurant is also first class. If you are looking for comfort and convenience, this wine is well worth considering.


Hong Village by water small building: Located in the back street of Hong village, the environment is very good, the room is clean and comfortable, can enjoy the garden.


Yue Hong Residence Inn: Located in Hongcun ancient town, very close to Hongcun Qiangu scene area, is a beautiful environment, good service inn.


Fangyuan Elegant House: Located outside the crowded streets of Hongcun Scenic area, it is a quiet, simple and atmospheric villa inn with private gardens and balconies.


Hongcun Sheng Teahouse: This is a long history, located at the entrance of Hongcun village, next to the quiet, the scenery is very pleasant. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, modernly decorated and fully equipped.


Hongcun Mid-Mountain Listening Tao Homestay: This homestay is located in Hongcun mid-mountain, offering traditional rooms and modern suites. Hongcun scenic area is just a few minutes' walk from here.


Hongcun Xiaozhu Inn: This is a traditional inn with a historic building and a beautiful garden. It is located in Hongcun, close to all attractions and has a quiet and pleasant atmosphere.


Hongcun Xiaozhu Inn: This is a traditional inn with a historic building and a beautiful garden. It is located in Hongcun, close to all attractions and has a quiet and pleasant atmosphere.