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Honda automatic transmission maintenance steps analysis

2018-03-30 04:48:31

In November 2015, Tenghua Automatic Transmission Maintenance received a Honda Fit, automatic transmission CVT, driving 120,000 km. The owner Mr. Wang said that the car has been in the impact of the failure for a month, at the beginning of the failure phenomenon is not serious, the recent impact phenomenon is more serious, taking into account driving safety, Mr. Wang found us through friends.


Fault phenomenon: the vehicle has a more obvious impact feeling when it is in gear


Fault maintenance: The maintenance technician has done the engine idle speed, throttle cable, main oil pressure circuit and other tests on the car, and preliminically judged that the cause of the car's gear impact failure is the damage of the oil inlet check valve ball of the clutch and reverse gear and high gear clutch. Remove valve plate after agreement with customer. It is found that the valve ball of the clutch oil inlet check valve is seriously worn and cannot be repaired. Replace it with a new part. The ball of the oil inlet check valve of the reverse gear clutch is slightly worn, repaired, and installed.


After the test, it was found that the gear impact fault was eliminated, but there was no upshift fault when the vehicle was running. After the test test of the maintenance technician, the input speed sensor was faulty when determining the fault. After the input speed sensor was replaced, the fault was eliminated after the test.

Matters needing attention

After the vehicle was repaired, we made a tracking record of the car, according to the feedback of the owner Mr. Wang, the car did not appear automatic transmission failure, everything is normal.


Because there are many reasons for the impact of automatic transmission, in the process of fault diagnosis, it is necessary to step by step and carefully check all parts of the automatic transmission. Must be on the basis of comprehensive testing, targeted decomposition repair, must not blindly disassembly and repair. In general, if it is caused by improper adjustment of the throttle cable, as long as a little adjustment can be eliminated; If the internal control valve, shock absorber or shift actuator of the automatic transmission is faulty, the automatic transmission should be disassembled and repaired; If the electronic control system is faulty, the electronic control system should be tested to find out the specific reasons for maintenance.