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High school exam diet: do not give children frequently change recipes

2018-04-15 01:36:34

Keeping fit during the exam is an important part of getting good grades. Xu Ping teacher pointed out: the change of climate or the use of air conditioning increases the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, making respiratory diseases increase, plus review tension, sleep reduction, pressure increase, resulting in a decline in body immunity, candidates do not pay attention to it is easy to get sick, so that the precious time is delayed. How can we ensure that the examinees can pass the exam in good health? Provincial nutrition Society executive director, city students nutrition and health promotion Association vice president Xu Ping teacher tips: Excellent education teachers for everyone collated the relevant information, for reference: 1, hot weather, will make the body's blood circulation accelerated, relatively speaking, brain blood supply is insufficient, so dizziness, easy to fatigue, and burnout phenomenon. Therefore, in the review of the examination stage, we should arrange a scientific and reasonable diet, pay attention to the supplement of protein and energy, do meat and vegetable collocation, thickness collocation, dry dilute collocation, acid and alkali collocation, balanced nutrition. When the brain is excessive and the oxygen consumption is too large, the PH value of the human blood drops, and the candidates who are in an acidic state should pay attention to eating alkaline foods, such as milk, vegetables, fruits and so on. 2, in the examination stage, whether it is mental or physical pay more, physical consumption more, pay attention to improve the body's metabolism, improve the body's immunity. Water, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals are all essential and important nutrients for the human body. During the examination period, it is necessary to ensure the intake of 1500~2000ml of water every day to help maintain the normal function of the major systems of the human body. You can prepare some mineral water in the exam, a small number of times to moisturize the body. Do not use drinks instead of plain water, especially avoid using colored drinks, stimulating drinks, so as to avoid damage to brain function. Do not overeat in the days of the test, cram too much food into the examinee during the test, and frequently change the recipe, which is harmful and beneficial. The maintenance of a normal scientific and reasonable diet, so that the child's spleen and stomach function in the best functional state, can ensure the intake of various nutrients, support candidates to succeed. 3, the pre-test review stage is a highly concentrated mental work, this period of the demand for these nutrients increased. Candidates' dietary nutrition in addition to meeting the needs of the brain heat, but also pay special attention to the adequate supply of nutrients. In terms of non-staple foods, we should eat more fish, eggs, milk, lean meat, animal liver, etc., to supplement high-quality protein and vitamins A, E, etc.; Eat more bananas, apples, watermelons, cauliflower and other fruits and vegetables to supplement essential vitamin C and minerals. In the staple food should be appropriate to eat some oats, beans and other grains, in order to supplement B vitamins. 4, in terms of cooking should be light, do not do frying, baking and other difficult to digest and absorb dishes. Cooking should be diversified to mobilize the appetite of candidates during nervous periods. During the high school entrance examination, parents should also prepare their children to cool down, but do not give their children too many cold drinks. Mung bean soup and sour plum soup are far better than cold drinks in terms of nutrition and heat reduction function, and drinking too much cold drinks will cause tummy trouble.