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Haichang polar ocean world play guide

2018-02-20 19:12:00

Want to take children to the aquarium, finally decided to go to Haichang polar Ocean World. Check the Internet for a long time, after coming back, decided to write a write for everyone's reference.


Opening hours: Aquarium Opening hours :9:00-16:30 Suggested play time: 3-4 hours Online ticket, all the way high speed. Parking fee 10 yuan, to the ticket gate directly show your ID card and ticket voucher, directly enter.


The museum is divided into twelve theme exhibition areas, such as Antarctic Penguin Island, mysterious Arctic Village, Undersea Tunnel, waterless ocean, Shark Bay, Coral Sea, Beluga Bay, Seaweed Hall, shell impression, dream jellyfish, interesting fish hall and happy town. Inside the exhibition area are large glass, clean and clear, next to the boardwalk, convenient for children close contact.


Follow the route, there are lovely animals. Although the tunnel is not long, there are many kinds of fish, and it is worth stopping to browse! Pay attention to the show schedule and go on your own schedule. There are mermaid and beluga whale shows, as well as small theater shows. The small theater shows with dolphins, sea lions and walruses, and the audience's fun interaction, it is well worth watching!


For lunch, you can either bring your own or eat in the Ocean Pavilion, which has a dining room. It is recommended to bring some water and food.


Out of the aquarium is Mizumokan, Mizumokan is very beautiful, worth seeing. But if you have enough time, you can visit the Mizumokan first, because you can't go back after coming out of the aquarium.

Matters needing attention

There are bathrooms on all levels in the aquarium, and there are many chairs for rest. Pay attention to the tour time, and it is a good choice to take the baby with you.