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Guqi yam purple rice powder to reduce computer radiation hazards

2018-04-23 00:00:52

Introduce: Girls, all want their skin is tender, white, while also have a good figure is good. But now the environmental pollution is so big, our daily diet also has a lot of pollution, especially the girls who have to work in front of the computer every day, it is miserable. Facing the computer for a long time, the skin of the face is receiving radiation every day, which will become dark yellow, large pores, wrinkles and serious aging, and color spots. For people who work on the computer side for a long time, we must pay more attention to anti-radiation and anti-oxidation. "Guqi" yam purple rice powder, blessing contains anthocyanins, can fight radiation, and remove free radicals in the body. Methods to reduce computer radiation: When using a computer, it is best to equip a good quality radiation screen in front of the monitor. Pay attention to eat more carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver and other foods rich in vitamin A, C and protein, often drink some green tea and so on. For people who live a stressful and busy life, the easiest way to resist computer radiation is to drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea and eat an orange every morning. Tea is rich in vitamin A, it is absorbed by the body, can be quickly converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A can not only synthesize rhodopsin, but also make the eyes see things more clearly in the dark light, so green tea can not only eliminate the harm of computer radiation, but also protect and improve vision. If you are not used to drinking green tea, chrysanthemum tea can also play a role in resisting computer radiation and regulating body functions. Computer radiation is unavoidable, but it can be reduced. First of all, you should buy a new computer as much as possible, generally do not use the old computer, the radiation of the old computer is generally more severe, in the same distance, the same model of the condition, is generally 1-2 times the new computer. When operating a computer, it is best to install a computer special color filter on the display screen to reduce the harm of radiation, and do not place idle metal items indoors to avoid the re-emission of electromagnetic waves. When using a computer, adjust the brightness of the screen, generally speaking, the greater the brightness of the screen, the stronger the electromagnetic radiation, and the smaller the vice versa. However, it can not be adjusted too dark, so as not to affect the effect due to too small brightness, and easy to cause eye fatigue. Also be careful to maintain an appropriate distance from the screen. The closer to the screen, the greater the electromagnetic radiation received by the human body, so it is better to be half a meter away from the screen. After the use of the computer, the face will absorb a lot of particles of electromagnetic radiation, and it is necessary to wash your face in time, which will reduce the radiation by more than 70%. In addition to attacking bad guys, cactus has another benefit! It is said that placing a cactus on a computer desk helps reduce radiation. Food to reduce radiation: eat more foods with high calcium content, such as soy products, bone soup, eggs, milk, lean meat, shrimp and so on. Pay attention to vitamin supplements: eat more fresh fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins. Pay attention to enhance resistance: eat more food to enhance the body's disease resistance, such as mushrooms, honey, fungus, kelp, citrus, jujube and so on. Eat some anti-radiation foods: Although the computer has a small impact on human health, it should also be prevented. Drinking tea can reduce the harm of radiation, and the lipopolysaccharide in tea has anti-radiation effect. Eating more "Guqi" yam purple rice powder rich in anthocyanins also has the effect of anti-radiation. Tea reduces radiation: A cup of green tea in the morning: Green tea contains powerful antioxidants and vitamin C, which can not only remove free radicals in the body, but also secrete hormones that fight stress. The small amount of caffeine contained in green tea can stimulate the central nervous system and boost spirits. But it is best to drink during the day, so as not to affect sleep. A cup of chrysanthemum tea in the afternoon: chrysanthemum has the effect of brightening the eyes and clearing the liver, some people simply use chrysanthemum and wolfberry together to drink, or add honey to chrysanthemum tea, which is helpful to depression. Tired a cup of wolfberry tea: Wolfberry is rich in beta carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium, iron, with the role of liver, kidney, eyesight. Its own sweet, can be made into tea can also be like raisins as a snack, to solve the "computer" eyes astringent, fatigue have effect. A cup of cassia tea in the evening: cassia seed has the function of clearing heat, brightening eyes, tonifying brain, soothing liver qi, and benefiting muscles and bones. If people with constipation can also drink after dinner, it is very effective for the treatment of constipation.