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gopro hero5 session Connection APP tutorial

2018-02-20 16:00:00

Here's an example of how the iPhone6 connects to the GoPro hero5 Black, and Android connects in a similar way


GoPro hero5




Please go to the App Store to search for the "GoPro Capture" APP, now renamed "GoPro", the interface is the same, this is just the official GoPro App, can be perfectly connected to the GoPro hero5 perfect control.


When connected, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are used, remember to turn on both options (Android is the same).


Open the APP to see the welcome screen, please click the ADD A CAMERA button.


Select the model you want to connect to, in this case we'll use the HERO5 BLACK as an example, and click on it.


This screen IS the instruction that prompts you to turn ON the CAMERA. Please press the GoPro switch to turn on the camera and press the "MY CAMERA IS ON" button in the APP.


This page will show you how to open the GoPro host pairing function, you can refer to the APP animation instructions, do not understand English please refer to our translation here.


Please go to the setting screen to set the Wi-Fi connection function and the specified Wi-Fi name in the connecting GoPro screen, that is, the GoPro host. If you are an Android user, according to our experience, the new version of GoPro Capture APP will automatically complete the connection and set the password. More convenient.


After the Wi-Fi connection is complete, jump to the software screen of GoPro Capture, and it will prompt the system to perform blue bud pairing. Please press the pairing button.


After the completion of the connection, the screen immediately jumped out of the GoPro instant image in the super cool.


Capture APP allows you to control almost all of GoPro's functions. Click on the buttons to try out the functions. Here is an illustrative example. Have fun with GoPro