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Good looking mystery solving novel recommended

2018-02-22 03:12:00

"Forensic Qin Ming" series is popular, loved by everyone, just I personally also very like this kind of suspense detective novels, I recommend you some I look good, in this summer with air conditioning watermelon to read the novel, just right!




Forensic Qin Ming, the whole series. "Corpse Whisperers", "silent testimony", "The Eleventh Finger", "Scavengers", "Survivors" (this is currently more, it seems that there will be subsequent books) the author Qin Ming is a real on-the-job forensic medicine, the cases are also based on the real case rewritten, which has a lot of scientific knowledge of forensic science. Each book is a single small case interspersed with a big case, if you like a solid case of friends highly recommended.


"Homicide Investigation Division" series, all four volumes. If you liked the Forensic Qin Ming series, then you will also like this series. It is also a single small case behind the string into a big case, similar to Qin Ming. The author Jiudishui is a real on-the-job mark inspector, leading the case from the point of view of traces. Each case is from a real point of view, bringing people endless thinking.


There are six books in the Ten Deadly SINS series. Unlike the above two books, the cases here are more cruel and eccentric, and basically belong to strange cases. The author Spider's writing is more mature, and the characters inside are more novelistic. It has been adapted into a web series before, but it has not been well received. Because many very wonderful psychological descriptions are difficult to express through the lens of film and television, it is very difficult to read the text, and the basic people who love suspense and crime solving have heard this book.


The Psychological Crimes series. "The seventh Reader", "Psychological Crime Portrait", "Psychological crime Education Field", "Psychological crime Hidden River", "Psychological crime City Light". Friends who have seen the adapted movie should know that this series does not focus on the process of how to solve the case, and tends to the psychological portrayal of the protagonist genius Fangmu on the criminals, focusing on plot rendering and psychological description.


The Death Notice series. A total of 5, the famous mystery novel writer Zhou Haohui (master of Tsinghua University) works. This series has a sense of Japanese mystery novels, and the portrayal of the motive of the crime is compared. After reading, I feel sorry and sad, and I feel that everything has a reason. The protagonist Luo Fei is a more classic god image in the circle of mystery novels, a killer detective!


The Machine of Heaven. Written by mystery master CAI Jun, this series covers four seasons. This book is in line with CAI Jun's consistent style, a suspenseful set of a suspenseful, you do not read the book at all to guess the answer, like to slowly taste a novel recommended by readers.

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