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Gene6 uses 5 tips

2018-04-24 01:36:13

Gene6 uses 5 tips


(1) Through class users to achieve unified account management: in Gene6 provides us with the concept of class, through the class can be unified account management, so that different accounts enjoy the same management and rights, he is still different from the user group we often say. Class users can be different or the same, and groups of users often have too much in common. Class operations can be performed by right-clicking on the User management interface.


(2) Display download upload speed optimization network: Many times we want to set the speed of customer access to FTP, can not be unlimited download and upload, limit the speed of the method is in the "site name" right-click on the "properties", in the site properties window on the left to find "domain" -> "transmission speed", here you can log in to FTP download data and upload data speed to set and limit.


(3) The statistical function lets FTP applications know: what is the current status of FTP use, how many people log in, their connection time and their respective upload and download traffic? These questions are probably the urgent concerns of every network manager, and Gene6 also provides us with this statistical function. We only need to right-click on the "site name" and select "properties", and find "domain" -> "statistics" on the left side of the site property window to view it. The information listed here is still very comprehensive.


This information is taken from experience without authorization


(5) In-depth understanding of Gene6 from the service: In our daily maintenance of Gene6 FTP service does not need to open the desktop management side can be used, by default, GENE6 is loaded in the form of a service, with the start of the system and start, we can find the name Gene6 ftp server in the service list.