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Gear box simulation test bench

2018-04-13 16:00:53

According to the teaching requirements, specially developed for the simulation of industrial production gear box. It consists of motor, parallel shaft gearbox, planetary gear, low speed bearing and magnetic brake. All functions of the PT500 can be used to study gearbox dynamics and acoustic characteristics, reliability monitoring, vibration based diagnostic techniques, lubrication status or wear particle analysis.


Spain PT500 gearbox simulation test platform 1


The effects of defects such as surface wear, broken teeth and pitting can be seen in spur or helical gears. It can also include rolling body bearing defects such as inner ring, outer ring and rolling body damage. Clearance adjustment can be performed for clearance studies, increasing the amount of clearance does not have other major effects other than increased noise and rotating clearance, but if the backlash is reduced, it may jam and lead to an increase in operating temperature.


Add different types of defects to the gearbox one by one, or at the same time to study defect interactions. The speed can be controlled by the governor to study the influence of speed change on the damaged gear box and the characteristics of vibration spectrum change.


· Gears can be moved laterally to engage with other faulty gears · Spur or helical gears can be accommodated · Conclusions can be easily drawn to study the effect of damaged and worn gears on vibration characteristics

Method/Step 2

· The backlash can be adjusted by moving the bearing housing to provide the required clearance · Modular design for easy removal of faulty bearings or faulty gears


· Learn diagnostic techniques and advanced signal processing methods

Method/Step 3

· The variable speed curve of the torsion load can be fitted with additional devices, or brakes


· Load variation and gear characteristics study