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FLYCO FR5218 Hairball trimmer Unbox

2018-04-21 17:36:53

Previously, some of our winter coats were washed in the laundry, and they often helped to take care of them after cleaning. For some clothes that are prone to pilling, they would use a hairball trimmer to help trim them. Usually, if we clean at home, there are some hairballs on the clothes, and we want to deal with them at home, then we should get a hairball trimmer. Today here is a FLYCO FR5218 simple hairball trimmer, interested can have a look.



Unpacking introduction

First of all, look at the outer packaging, the outer packaging is more conventional, color printing, the structure of the hairball trimmer is relatively simple, the volume is also relatively small, the whole packaging is relatively small. The left side is printed with some basic information about the product and some features of the product.


On the other side, you can see some coding and product characteristics, the main features: streamline switch design, a charge of 8 hours can be used continuously for about 75 minutes, charging belt status indication, there is a stainless steel knife net, there are 2 years warranty, look at the basic know the product situation.


Opening the package reveals the main components: a hairball trimmer body, two knife tips (one for use and one for use), an instruction manual, and a small brush.


These look basically know the function, the brush is used to clean the hairball trimmer tip and the inner storage box; The main body does not need to be introduced, two tool heads (one used and one prepared), for trimming the tool head after the dull replacement. The cutter head adopts three-leaf type, has certain elasticity, can float slightly up and down, and can adapt to different sizes of hairballs; Usually pay attention to the knife head, one end is relatively sharp, need to pay attention to, do not let children get.


You can disassemble the main body of the hairball trimmer and see a small storage box, hand-held body, cutter head, stainless steel knife mesh, plastic protective case, retractable charging connector, and the battery is built-in. These disassembly is not a description, are relatively simple, basically see how to operate.

Introduction to use

We will first assemble these disassembled, first remove the plastic protective cover of the tool head, and then unscrew the stainless steel knife net, the tool head mounting hole is aligned with the small motor axis installation, there is an anti-boring design, can only be installed along the specified direction and position, and then reverse operation. Put the hairball residue in a small box. Generally, the internal battery of the new product is less, so push out the charging connector first and charge it for a while.


After charging, the plug will shrink back, and then take out a pilling clothes, try the effect, it is very useful at the beginning, the noise is relatively small, the suction mode, you can inhale the hairball into the storage box, the pruning effect is better, but for large, hard hairball, it is necessary to repeat several times, and it is best to clean it with a brush after use. Discard unwanted hairballs from the storage box. Put away the hairball trimmer for next use.

Parameter configuration

Product name: Fei Ke hairball trimer Product Model: FR5218 Rated voltage: AC220V Rated frequency: 50Hz Rated power: 2W Charging mode: Built-in charging plug Charging time: about 8 hours Use time: continuous use of about 75 minutes Implementation standard: GB4706.1-2005 Product weight: 265g Package size: 152*83*72mm

Product summary

Product advantages: 1, the product price is relatively low, belongs to a relatively large brand, the use of technology and material are relatively good, cost-effective; 2, there is a 2-year warranty, Feike after-sales service network more; 3, the product is better in the protection of this area, there are children to prevent protection. Product disadvantages: 1, the product uses the built-in battery, the battery failure replacement is more troublesome, while the charging time is longer; 2, hairball trimming for relatively fine use effect is better, but for some relatively hard and large hairballs, need to be processed several times, pruning is time-consuming. Product summary: This is a big brand of small products, in the work and product quality are better, small and lightweight, more suitable for family use, but its limited head size, trim area is relatively small, if the whole clothes are easier to pilling, trim time will be a long time.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to your hands when replacing the tip of the hairball trimmer. One end of the tip is sharp.