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Five must-see places for personal travel to Taiwan in June

2018-06-11 03:12:00

Individual visits by mainland residents to Taiwan, which have attracted much attention from both sides, will be officially implemented by the end of June. In response to the launch of individual tourism by mainland residents to Taiwan, Taiwan's tourism industry said that it will introduce a number of preferential measures to compete for tourists, and individual tourism to Taiwan will fully bring Taiwan's related industries. Go to Taiwan to play, the following to help you introduce five places, have been to these five places to visit Taiwan is a "worthwhile trip".


Ximen: Located in Taipei City, Wanhua District Road, Kangding Road, Hankou Street and Zhonghua Road composed of the block, the traffic is developed not only the greater Taipei bus intensive place, Taipei Rapid Transit Blue Line and Green Line intersection of Ximen station in this; Ximending is a famous popular business circle in Taipei, the most distinctive walking area is Taipei's first area specially set for pedestrians, red buildings, tattoo street, movie street, KTV and a variety of boutique can be seen in Ximending, is one of the most favorite places for Taipei people to go on holiday. Ximen Town name originated from the Japanese era of local administrative planning, due to the geographical location just outside the Taipei gate, so called Ximen town, in addition to Xinqi town and Wakuzhu town and so on; The popular business circle developed by Ximen Town naturally also led to the trend of food and snacks, the long history and cultural development of the local food and snacks are more famous in Taiwan and even internationally, and become the best place for Taipei tourism;


Penghu Bay "The evening wind gently brushed Penghu Bay, white waves by the beach, there is no coconut forest with the setting sun, just a piece of blue sea, sitting on the low wall in front of the door, thinking over and over again, but also at dusk on the beach, there are footprints in two and half..." A familiar melody suddenly sounded as we made our way to pananbang's former home. "Grandma's Penghu Bay", a classic old song that has touched many people, the song describes the story of deep love between grandparents and grandchildren decades ago was staged here, so that we were wet eyes. This is also what local guides in Taiwan are good at - every time they visit a scenic spot, they can always let people feel the deeper tourism experience and historical and cultural environment behind the scenery in a variety of natural ways, leaving a deep impression and praise the trip. The whole picture of the former house no longer exists, but the incomplete bricks and tiles still reveal the deep feelings between the young hero and her grandmother. In order to commemorate the song and the author, people built a bronze sculpture in the backyard of the former house, which forever frames the childhood pananbang and her amiable grandmother in a warm picture. Let visitors come to visit the quiet in the experience of the strong feelings of grandparents and grandchildren. Penghu is not big, not spacious clean roads and the occasional wind blowing across the face let people indulge in a leisurely and comfortable. Simple locals like to get up early in the morning, meet in small groups at the pier, fishing for a kind of long mouth sea fish, with a seemingly lazy and fun way to greet the arrival of the new day. Penghu County has nearly 100 islands, each island scenery is different. When the weather is fine, a boat ride between the islands is a great treat. The columnar basalt on Bucket Pan Island and Hujing Island, like the stone columns of the Greek and Roman temples, rises straight into the sea, and looks spectacular from a distance on the ship, which makes people admire the uncanny workmanship of nature. Between the rocks and the weathered sand, the cactus is surrounded by mountains and mountains, and the bright red fruit is particularly beautiful in the dancing sea breeze.


In Taiwan, there are many places where you can see the sunrise, but the most famous are the mountains and Taipei's fresh water. Watching the sunrise on the mountain is actually watching the sun rise behind you. Watching the sunrise of Zhu Shan, the top of the flat, like a natural scene... At dawn, the cool air, like a cold spring, was full of tourists waiting for the sunrise. Looking from this, the sun has not yet shown its face, and it has reflected a mountain tip to be transparent and shiny, like a cluster of jade lotus petals to be released. Then a round of red sun burst out, and had no time to cheer on the sky; The golden awn, pouring down from the clouds, in an instant daubed waves of mountains with the color of pure gold. Maybe just a few seconds, heaven and earth clear, the soul clean. "One, two, three, to Taiwan, there is a mountain in Taiwan..." In Taiwan, this catchy little song, every child can sing. On the mainland, the mountain and Sun Moon Lake together, like two dark silhouettes against a white background, constitute the entire imagination of the island. But after searching the map for half a day, I could not find a mountain peak called a mountain - only a mountain range, the same north-south, lying in the west of the mountain range, the snow mountain range south. Then suddenly, the mountain is a mountain. This mountain, including the Big tower Mountain, Tower Mountain, Zhu Mountain, big frozen mountain, fire Yan Mountain and other 18 peaks, long spread out, has been submerged in Pingyuan.


Sansendai Sansendai is the most popular scenic spot in Taitung, the East Office here has Sansendai tourist service, providing travel to the east of the tourism related advisory services, the exhibition room is to introduce Sansendai Island as the main theme, visitors can learn about the famous landscape and diverse ecology of Sansendai Island. Sansendai is located about 3 kilometers northeast of Chenggong Town, Taitung County. It is a special landscape area composed of offshore islands and coral reefs. It is also the most famous scenic spot on the shore. The island covers an area of about 22 hectares, and the highest point is about 77 meters above sea level. According to legend, in ancient times, Tie Guai 杍, Lv Dongbin and He Xiangu once stopped on the island, so the name Sansendai Island has a beautiful cross-sea pedestrian bridge, 320 meters long, which can walk straight to Sansendai. Three Sendai's eight arch bridge across the sea, presented in wave shape, the shape is dazzling, such as long dragon lying wave, magnificent momentum; The topography and ecology of the island are very unique and rare, with sea erosion gullies, calabash, sea erosion pillars, sea erosion recvets and other sea erosion landscape scattered, except for a wide variety of coastal plants, which is an important base for studying coastal plant ecology. The nearby waters are rich in fish, is a fishing ground is also a famous rock fishing place.