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Financial white fund purchase redemption cost calculation method

2018-05-19 01:36:00

Last time, I analyzed the difference between the net value of the fund and the valuation, and many small partners asked how the cost of this trading fund came about.




First of all, when we buy and sell a fund, it is equivalent to signing a contract with the securities of the fund, and the contract will agree on the relevant subscription rate and redemption rate. And the length of holding time also determines the proportion of redemption rates. For example, the subscription rate of a fund is 1.5%, and the maximum redemption rate is 1.5%. As follows:


Then, it can be concluded that the fee when we buy the fund is 1.5%, and each site has different preferential rates, then our purchase fee is the purchase amount * subscription rate, and the calculation of share should be: (purchase amount - purchase amount * subscription rate)/fund net value. The fund net value is calculated on the basis of the day's net value if you buy before 15:00 during the working day, and if you buy after 15:00, the fund net value of the following working day is calculated.


Next, let's take a look at the redemption cost, which is actually divided into rates according to the holding time, calculated as the fund share * fund net worth * redemption rate. Among them, the redemption rate is divided according to the holding time.


In order to better calculate the redemption cost, let us at a glance our profit and loss, it is recommended that you can use excel to calculate. In this way, we can calculate the total value of all funds purchased on different platforms, and we can also give everyone a better way to adjust their positions.