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Feeding and training methods for teddy dogs

2018-03-29 16:00:10

Finally, I can have my own little teddy bear dog! After the excitement, in the face of a small and active life, inexperienced you will inevitably scramble. The following knowledge may help you to feed your teddy bear dog

About two months of teddy bear dog feeding method

1, balanced diet nutrition, fixed quantitative puppy digestion ability is weak, human food for it is both tempting and dangerous. Therefore, the owner must be ruthless and only provide the puppy with special high-quality dog food. To develop a habit of regular feeding, usually do not give it snacks. Avoid letting the puppy develop the bad habit of picky eating and lead to malnutrition. Do not be too full each feeding, generally 7-8 points can be full. 2, through the stool of the puppy, understand the health status of the puppy stool to observe the color, smell and there is no insect body, normal stool is strip, soft and hard moderate, slightly yellow. However, it may also be affected by food, such as: when eating meat or animal liver, the stool is generally black. Urine is light yellow and clear and transparent, the first time in the morning to pee, the color will be darker, if found that the color of urine has been darker, it is necessary to suspect whether sick. 3, pay attention to keep warm, avoid catching cold don't think that only winter need to keep warm, summer also need. Be careful not to let the puppy's belly time land, so it is easy to catch cold, can cause diarrhea or cold. 4, don't go out for a walk with it five months ago, the puppy should not go out for a walk, because the puppy's bones are not fully developed, long walking will lead to bone deformation of the four limbs, and it is also prone to infection. But you can play with it indoors. 5, more exposure to sunlight when the sun is not very strong, the outdoor temperature is not too high, should take the dog out in the sun, the sun is conducive to puppy bone growth. 6, immunization work is very important puppies born 2 months later, the antibodies brought from the mother have almost disappeared, at this time the most susceptible to various viral diseases. Therefore, it is most important to vaccinate against distemper, canine parvovirus and infectious hepatitis. So you can be prepared. END

Three months of teddy bear dog feeding methods

1, basic education for puppies people need education, dogs are the same. At three months of age, basic education can begin. First of all, let him develop good eating habits, some dogs eat, like to eat while playing, if found this situation, should immediately take away its food basin, and let it see, until the next feeding time and then let him eat, so that several times down will have an effect. 2, don't let it eat at random puppies of this age especially like to pick up things from the ground to eat, so the owner should pay attention to the indoor floor hygiene. Some ingested foreign bodies will be discharged with the stool, but some will damage the gastric milk intestinal mucosa or cause intestinal obstruction, so if you find severe vomiting and abdominal pain, you should seek medical attention in time. 3, consciously train the puppy to defecate train the puppy to defecate at a fixed point, apply the newspaper with the dog's urine, put it in the place where you want it to defecate, so that the dog will gradually get used to excreting in the range of its own smell. If you want it to excrete outdoors, give it plenty of opportunities to go outside. However, puppies sometimes urinate due to excessive happiness or fear, which is because the regulatory nerve has not yet developed mature performance, it is difficult to control, the owner should be understanding and inclusive. END

Feeding methods for five to seven months of teddy bear dogs

5 month old puppies will still chew because the permanent teeth are still growing, and still have to be prepared to bite the bone for him to grind his teeth. 6 months of age is the peak of puppy biting, biting habits will gradually ease after this. Permanent tooth growth is complete when it reaches 6 months of age. This month's teddy bear dog can go for a walk outdoors, at the beginning may be due to timid and unwilling to go, you can first find a quiet place in the community, so that the dog gradually adapt to the outdoor environment, after a few times, it is willing to go out for a walk, the teddy bear dog walking time should not be too long, about 20 minutes each time, twice a day is good. When going out for a walk, the dog should also be prevented from picking up things to eat. At the age of 7 months, the skeleton of the teddy bear dog basically stops developing, but it is still necessary to pay attention to the dog's diet, to be appropriate, and to be nutritionally balanced. As they say, the beginning is the hardest. Caring for a teddy bear dog can be difficult at first. But as time goes on and your relationship deepens, you learn more about your dog's likes and dislikes, personalities and habits, and you become more comfortable taking care of them. The days you live with it will be more and more relaxed and happy. END