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Erhai accommodation guide

2018-04-30 06:24:00

Between the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and Hengduan Mountains in our country, there is a beautiful town, the terrain is the same, high and low uneven, Cangshan Erhai is a famous tourist scenic spot. Erhai Lake is located in the middle, the lake is crystal clear. The most beautiful. Cangshan nineteen peaks and eighteen streams, this is the most unique way of love in nature - there is always a lover. Cangshan has 18 kinds of character, Cangshan has 18 kinds of tenderness. The water of the clear stream will fill and penetrate the ages and whisper. In all seasons, colorful flowers of different forms are the gorgeous burning emotions of Cangshan, and this as the melting of ice and the condensation of fog water, should be the soul of Cangshan. Without the moisture of this abundant water, Cangshan Mountain and everything it commands would lose all its poetry. The water of Cangshan always jumps and laughs in the green theme and colorful changes. In this dynamic process, they are always immature. They change endlessly between the eighteen streams filled with elegant verses and simple direct ballads, meandering merrily. After submerging one season after another, it finally gathers into the magnificent Erhai Lake that highlights the unique scenery of the Hundred and two Rivers and Mountains. Eighteen streams, different personalities, various styles, ten thousand kinds of customs. The only thing that cannot be changed is the purity of heaven that cannot be touched in the stream. Eighteen streams of water, one from the heights of heaven, one, singing a secular song. Erhai came to the shade of Erhai Lake, bathing in the cool sea breeze, while tasting the fishermen just fried fish and shrimp seafood, while watching the birds in the sea, fishing boats, there is no noise of the city, there is no hot summer, some just say the beautiful. The three pagodas of Chongsheng Temple and the three pagodas of the shadow park add light and color to each other, thus becoming the most important cultural landscape that can represent the image. The most characteristic of the reflection park is that the pool water is green like jade, clear, waves are not surprised, flat like a mirror, and the reflection of the three towers is clear and breathtaking. As the Qing Dynasty Yang Bingzhi "three towers Reflection" praised, "Buddha will win Zhaozhong Tang, three towers jags from the light." Canglu lake coil reflection, this illusion said empty king. The butterfly spring is closely related to the mountain, the mountain is a huge silent individual, and the spring is the mountain in the hidden place constantly spewing out whispering. The water of the butterfly Spring flows into the mountain stream and eventually into the Erhai Lake, so the Erhai lake should also be a huge spring. The language of Erhai is a kind of heavenly voice, which needs to be heard by heart. This is the relationship between Erhai Lake and Cangshan Mountain. At the bottom of all the eyes, the legend is the blood of Cangshan, the fate of 120 li Erhai. Tourist accommodation food recommendation Gersang Inn chain (Erhai) Address: village pier (Erhai edge) I and an old friend for the first time out self-help tour, choose, in addition to lucky, or lucky. For us, the charm, the room is clean, but the point is, this is a good humane inn! Giving advice and assistance every step of the way made my old friends and I feel right at home. Room is clean and warm, stay here again next time!! Hot and sour fish, "Fresh Fish experience" in Erhai Sea, unique flavor milk fan, unique flavor "dish", characteristic flavor "Sister seven spicy" spiced water chestnut, Erhai Bow fish, casserole fish, Nuodeng Ham, rolled hoof, papaya chicken, pork liver fried, Xizhou Poo, Dengchuan Milk fan, Bai Nationality Sour and spicy fish, pickled spiral snails, Bai Nationality soil eight bowls, Nan Jian Guoba bean flour. Best time to visit: Spring. It fits perfectly. In addition, many festivals and grand gatherings of the Bai people are concentrated around March every year, the famous "March Street", at this time to visit, you can feel the rich ethnic customs.