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Enterprise development training base in detail

2018-04-30 12:48:00

Yangmeikeng Natural Lake Description: The Natural Lake Resort is located in Yangmeikeng, which is said to be the most beautiful valley and has the reputation of "small nine villages". In the northwest of the town, before the Qiniang Mountain and the tiger sit on the mountain, there is a hill covered with red bayberry, and the village below the hill is called "Yangmei Pit Village". The bayberry Pit is formed by the confluence of two large pits. One is Zhengwei pit, the source between Dayanding and Triangle Mountain; The other is Tai Hang Lake, the source is Qiniang Mountain. All the way clear lake, beautiful scenery, lush trees on both sides, birds and birds singing. The resort has rooms, sea view restaurant, meeting room and entertainment facilities. With up to 200 meters of beach beach, beach baths, beach chairs, beach barbecue and other beach entertainment and leisure facilities, it is an ideal place for you to relax and enjoy nature. The base has a beautiful environment, there are mountains and water, and there is a natural freshwater lake with pleasant scenery. It is the only training base with original ecological lake and sunny beach at the same time. Standing in the base, you can look at the blue sea and blue sky, sunny beach, and the surrounding scenery is refreshing and pleasant. Star standard accommodation environment, special meals, lake barbecue, seaside barbecue, closed and quiet landscape base, is the preferred venue for corporate training! The base beach has a sea viewing platform, but also provides Chinese restaurants, barbecue, small shopping malls, shower rooms, changing rooms, CS field confrontation, speed boat surfing, diving, island survival, camping, coastal road cycling... And various beach sports, such as beach volleyball, football, tennis, etc. Small service, comfortable and pleasant pavilion, is the ideal place for training, entertainment and meetings!