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East Australia Island self-help tour guide

2018-03-08 16:00:00

The island is divided into north and south. Most of the coast is dangerous. There are many boulders on the hillside, more than 90 meters near the shore of the island. There are 415 residents on the island, and there are aquatic stations, supply and marketing offices, savings offices, schools, and health centers. There are 4 simple roads, with a total length of 14.6 kilometers, and plenty of water.


The first day, the first to the city, the wall, the wall is 2.5 meters high, 1.5 meters thick. Its layout is rectangular, 48 meters long and 20.5 meters wide, the city gate is located in the southeast, the fort is located in the northwest corner, and a cone beacon tower is built in the north 40 meters. About 20 meters away from Chongnan, there is a 2-meter-high, cone-shaped beacon tower near a cliff. There is a fire chamber, flue, is used to transmit signals.


Then go to Honeymoon Court, located on the mountain northwest of the beach, there is a pavilion called Honeymoon Court, which can be reached by 1008 steps. Looking from afar, the Taipa Bridge in Macao can be seen faintly, also in the haze.


Finally go to Dongao Bay, Dongao Island because there is a large concave part in the east of the island, up to 1200 meters, so called Dongao Bay. This is a quiet harbor, the most beautiful time of the whole harbor is when the evening slope and the fishing boat returns. This is the perfect place to play in the water and enjoy the scenery. Dongao Island is located in the middle of the archipelago, an area of 4.62 square kilometers, in Dongao Island, the most attractive number of beaches. Tung 'ao Island has three sandy beaches, Bay, Bay and Xiao Chu Wan, especially the bay is good, enjoying the reputation of "diamond beach". This is a beach rarely seen in the city or on the nearby islands.


The next day, first go to Dong 'ao Village, Dong 'ao village is Dong 'ao Island, is also the most lively place on the island, most of the residents live here. Pilot area, village committee, Dongao Primary School, Dongao, post and telecommunications agency are gathered here, so Dongao Village is both a business district and the political culture of the island.


Then to the cage culture, the local use of a new type of caisson culture. Local fishermen raise rare species of fish. One of them is the grouper, which likes to live on the bottom of the sea where there are reefs and feed on small fish. Dongao Island is rich in seafood, there are more than 200 kinds of fish alone, and there are more than 70 kinds of common fish. Among them, the military cap, the dog claw snail, the stone nine gong is known as "East Macao three treasures", delicious.


Finally, go to the stone gallery, there are many natural stone scenes on Dongao Island, their shape is realistic, but wonderful like Xiao. On the Harbour Path, a visitor from ancient times is welcoming us. It is like an ape man, carrying a heavy mountain, looking at the Dongao Island. According to legend, a long time ago, Dongao Island had the footprints of ancient human activities, and they lived and thrived here.

Matters needing attention

The seafood here is caught on the spot, scallops 15 yuan/catty, mussels 20 yuan/catty, island rent barbecue stove 30 yuan/a.