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"Dragon 18 Palm" lightning promotion guide manual

2018-05-13 19:12:33

"Falling Dragon 18 Palm" is a large-scale martial arts role-playing web game. Players dream into the rivers and lakes, shuttling between ancient and ancient times, during the encounter Qiaofeng, Yang Guo, Xiaolongnu, etc., recruit demons, fairies, chivalrys team up to explore the Xuanjie. Learn the story of the great shift of Qiankun, the eighteen hands of the dragon, the Nine Yang God Gong and other extraordinary exercises to fight the devil god Chiyou. Because the game pays more attention to the balance of strength between players, and the game system is novel and varied, so the game has become a favorite of players once launched. In order to better help novice players quickly familiarize themselves with the game system and grasp the tricks of the game, the classic player promotion precautions are summarized as follows for reference.


Jilong 18 palm SJC1121


Remember the rookie card level 29. Because every 10 levels is a stage, at 29 the Energizer completes the 10 tasks of the daily offensive players of the opposing camp, because the task is relatively simple to complete at 29 levels, and each stage can be referred to in the future.


In the early stage of the arena, please give priority to gold coins, suitable for ordinary players. Generally gold coins choose blue quality above, then copper coins, silver coins, experience the order of play. If you run out of times and this time you see that the opponent has a blue quality gold coin: 10 gold coins. Then please buy the number of times, the first time is 3 gold coins. It's a good idea to earn 7 gold pieces when you win. But if you buy more times, the price is low.


Change equipment frequently, don't be afraid of trouble, make sure the hero is wearing blue equipment. In the early stage, the relative strength of everyone is almost the same, which is to seize the first hand by virtue of a little shoe attribute faster than you.


At the time of 30, each partner has 2 Wu soul slots, please choose the optimal configuration, people: God line changes nine Yang demon: easy tendon by Lingbo micro step fairy: move the tendon Yi Jing (or other, fairy second is not forced, I myself because of the understanding of the soul nine Yang more, so gave him 2 double nine Yang.


This article is based on experience

Matters needing attention

Although the name of the game is called the 18 Palm of the Dragon, please do not spend 1,000 silver coins to learn this skill. Early pk emphasizes stability. When you do not have a high level of Jiji warrior soul, the dragon has no power, and the 18 hands of the dragon must be combined with breaking the nine Yin Jing to maximize the output. Therefore, it is not recommended to learn in the early stage.