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Detian waterfall self-help travel guide

2018-03-07 14:24:00

Detian Waterfall is located in the upper reaches of the Guichun River on the China-Vietnam border, about 50 meters away from the China-Vietnam border Monument No. 53, 66 kilometers away, and 208 kilometers away from the capital city of the autonomous region. The main waterfall is 100 meters wide, 60 meters deep, and 70 meters of drop. It is connected with Vietnam's Banyo Waterfall. The total width of the waterfall is 208 meters, which is the largest natural transnational waterfall in Southeast Asia and the second largest transnational waterfall in the world. The water of the waterfall does not dry all the year round. The ancient trees and flowers surround the waterfall. After several years of construction, Detian Waterfall scenic spot has formed a set of eating, living, traveling, touring, shopping, entertainment as one of the tourist facilities, a large number of tourists come here, has become a tourist resort. Detian Waterfall is located at the border of China and Vietnam, spanning China and Vietnam. It is the first transnational waterfall in Asia and the second largest in the world. It is connected with the Vietnam Banyo Waterfall, which is more than 200 meters wide and 60 meters deep. It originates from the Guichun River in Jingxi County, flows into Vietnam and back again, and falls into a waterfall when it meets a cliff in Dade Village. In fact, Detian waterfall itself is not big, the key word is "transnational", comrades expect not too high.

Tips, shopping, transportation, climate, food, precautions

A tip about traveling to Detian Waterfall: If you go to the waterfall, there is a direct train at Langdong Station, it seems to be 9 o 'clock, and you will drive back around 3 o 'clock in the afternoon. It's a long drive, almost four hours. It takes eight hours to get there and back without the bus. The actual scenic spot is very small, it can be played in 2 hours, and fast more than 1 hour is enough. I recommend going with a group, because the spot is small, even if you go by yourself and the group play is the same. In particular, the lunch of the team is super cow B, can be said to be the best team meal I have ever eaten, there are chicken, duck and fish, the taste is good, it is a tmd Surprise. Detian Waterfall Road The scenery on the way to Detian Falls is not too special. After the big, get off to buy things, - also this one shopping point, still good. The tour guide is very will pull, told a story, said that when the farmers mining, digging some black stones, some people took these stones, the result is that the hands with stones are relatively white or what happened, anyway, finally identified, these black stones are cat's eye. The tour guide said that this side is rich in cat's eye, Vietnam is cheaper, I don't know if it is true, but the price we see is not cheap anyway. Besides, it seems to be a big province for sugar cane cultivation? ! Roadside a piece of sugarcane field, the city also sells a lot of freshly squeezed sugarcane juice, - the taste is good, 2 yuan a cup, you can taste. After entering, the Garst terrain here began to reveal itself, and the hills rising from the flat stood in a sea of sugarcane. Some places scenery is good, can not get off to take photos. Near the Detian Waterfall, the scenery began to turn gray and beautiful. Green rivers began to appear, winding around the mountains of Garst


In China, some of the landscapes resemble the gods, but they are more primitive and wild. Detian Waterfall travel to Detian Waterfall, bamboo rafting is a must sit, otherwise you are a white. 20 yuan a person, that's not expensive. From 15 to 20 minutes on the raft, you can paddle over the waterfall from a super distance. From a distance, the smaller waterfall on the left is Banyo Waterfall in Vietnam, and the right is Detian Waterfall in China. Since the border of this place is in the middle of the river, if you take a bamboo raft to see the Detian Waterfall up close, you are actually enjoying an overseas trip. No wonder the tour guide told us in the car that we would take us to this place today, without passports or visas, we can also travel around the country! On the water, numerous rafts of Vietnamese trailed the rafts, selling smuggled cigarettes, perfume, Buddhist oil, and more. They all speak Chinese because China still has a lot of influence in Vietnam, especially on the border. According to the tour guide, the life of these Vietnamese people is not easy, and their life is even harder than that of China. Many poor people, these, can only rely on selling things to Chinese tourists to make a little money. The bamboo raft passes directly below the Detian Waterfall, which is the most enjoyable part of the whole process. If there's sunlight, you can see it very clearly


A rainbow. Unfortunately, the weather was not good that day, the father did not come out, and there were no clouds in the sky ~~ a Vietnamese vendor in deep thought. Maybe they are struggling with the hardships of life... The renminbi is a hard currency here, I have seen an article before, the Vietnamese dong relative to the strength of the renminbi seems to depreciate too fast, so many Vietnamese are more willing to directly accept the renminbi. In fact, compared with the popularity of the renminbi in the international market, the purchasing power of the renminbi has been much less than before. Bamboo rafts are Over here. I didn't notice the aunt on the right when I was shooting... .. This is the end of the close-up view of Detian Waterfall, and then it is about a few minutes' walk up the mountain... .. Across the street is Vietnam. You can see a lot of bamboo rafts on the water. In fact, on the river, there are many such bamboo rafts and boats outside the scenic spot of Detian Waterfall. Why? - Smuggling, of course! According to the tour guide, smuggling is very serious along the Sino-Vietnamese border, especially where there is only a gentle river


This can only see bamboo rafts, can not see people, and at night is a different scene ~~ - In addition, after the Detian waterfall travel back, there is a place for me to pay special attention to, that is: The waterfall must be measured against the highlight part, or lower the exposure EV, otherwise the waterfall details are very easy to overexpose. The last place we visited was Monument 53, which is located in the upper reaches of the falls. According to legend, during the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty demarcated the territory on this section of the border, set up boundary tablets, and unified the boundary. At that time, the traffic here was extremely inconvenient, and the mountains were high and the road was far and rugged. At that time, several officers and soldiers were ordered to carry the boundary monument to this, to see that it was late, and there was so far to go, so lazy to dig a pit to set the boundary monument here, which is now the 53 boundary monument. This gave much of China's territory behind the monument to Vietnam. Now, there is a more lively border market near the 53rd boundary monument, where many Vietnamese sell cigarettes, food, perfume, rubber shoes and other Vietnamese specialties. This place is full of Vietnamese vendors. The things sold were basically cigarettes, perfume, dried fruit, tiger oil, mung bean cakes, and so on. Vietnamese perfumes: You've certainly heard of French perfumes, but when someone tells you about Vietnamese perfumes, you might shrug them off. Actually Vietnamese and French incense


Water has a great origin. When Vietnam was a French colony, because Vietnam produced a large number of natural spices, France plundered a large number of natural spices here, and some of its perfume and spice recipes and manufacturing operations were therefore spread in Vietnam. So Vietnamese perfume can be said to be inherited from France. However, this kind of small sale on the street may be mixed with water and alcohol, the purity is not high, but it can still be used as a cost-effective thing to buy, after all, it is often cheap. Generally a small perfume is only a few yuan. Dried fruit such as jackfruit: A must buy, of course. We negotiated the price to 10 yuan, which is cheaper than the supermarket. Mung Bean cake: A Vietnamese specialty, delicious and cheap!! Usually a box is 5 yuan, don't buy sorry myself. G7 Coffee: I don't know why this coffee is so famous. But it's one of the specialties. Cigarettes: According to the tour guide, those cigarettes are fake, don't buy them. A lovely Vietnamese sister who stands at a border market with her mother. Seeing us coming, he kept saying in Chinese: "Brother come to have a look, sister also come to have a look, things are very cheap, you can sell them to you cheaper..." Soft tone, let us can not help but stay in their booth for a long time. The Vietnamese here speak Chinese, and all the vendors are women, not a man in sight. Their Chinese is fairly fluent


Pro: It seems that learning a foreign language well is very necessary! Panoramic View of Detian Falls Some other things about Vietnam 1. Vietnamese Men like green hats Vietnamese men like green hats the most in the world. Oh, but this green hat is not that "green hat". In the previous picture, you can see the hat on the head of the Vietnamese man on the small bamboo raft. ! I don't know why, Vietnamese men prefer to wear that kind of hat, the key is that the hat is still green ah! At the beginning of the tour guide introduction we still have a little doubt, but really arrived to find that the real Vietnamese men like to wear that round green hat. Vietnam: Paradise for men Intermarriage is common across the border between China and Vietnam. Vietnamese women are very willing to marry Chinese men across the border, mainly because many men died in the war in Vietnam, so there is a serious imbalance between men and women. In Vietnam, polygamy is legal, a man can marry several wives, and all the women are the breadwinners, so marrying a Chinese man is a blessing for Vietnamese women. Because many intermarriages do not go through formal procedures to go abroad, basically belong to the form of smuggling, so when the country is cleaned up, these Vietnamese will be repatriated to Vietnam. However, they will be deported back during the day, and at night they will steal to cross the river to meet their husbands, so it is always impossible to completely eliminate this phenomenon. END