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Detian waterfall photography guide

2018-03-07 12:48:00

【 Unlock photo new position 】 Parent-child tour: Asia's first trans-national Detian Waterfall, punch the card "Journey of Flowers" shooting site, rafting Mingshi Manor, visit Jiuzhai goose spring! The busy and boring work and the light and green in front of the car and concrete outside the window are like the cage that fetters us. Are you also looking for a beautiful peace for your heart?


Tour features: Waterfall, river, into the garden, explore the famous spring, tour Asia's first transnational Detian Waterfall, punch the card "Journey of Flowers" shooting site, look at small bones, the world's Mingshi garden, rafting Mingshi Manor, Southwest three springs, not to the goose spring in Jiuzhai


The typical karst landform of Dakanwei Town in southwest Guangxi coincides with the unique natural environment in the Xianxia world: lush vegetation covered with mountains, or rushing or gentle streams, scattered undulating mountains, unique peak forest landform, ten miles of painting screens, year-round clouds and fog... Spring Budeze, all things shining, in the spring infinite beautiful days, unlock the Jiuqu bridge photo new posture.


√ Rafting Bibo Mingshi River clouds in your hand lingering, in your eyes deeply attached. Sitting on the bamboo row, listening to the melodious Chinese songs, enjoying the poetic landscape on both sides of the river, smelling the fragrance of flowers slowly down, as if you had entered a fairyland.


China National Geographic magazine once rated Detian Waterfall as "the most beautiful waterfall in China". At the same time, it is also the shooting place of the ancient costume TV series "The Journey of Flower". Its majestic beauty has shocked countless visitors. It is composed of Detian Waterfall in China and Banyo Waterfall in Vietnam, across the border of China and Vietnam, 208 meters wide, 70 meters drop, 60 meters deep, three levels of fall, magnificent and magnificent!


Jingxi Goose Spring ▲ Natural Tiffany blue. Goose Spring is one of the eight famous sceneries in Jingxi with a history of more than 700 years. It is one of the three springs in the west of China.


Goose spring is like the peach blossom source under Tao Yuanming's pen, the spring water is not dry all the seasons, surrounded by picturesque countryside, and the water is clear like a mirror. How to save time, effort and money? At this time, Miao felt that some semi-self-service group Tours were very suitable for everyone, which could reduce worries and troubles and also have enough time to play