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Design old furniture should pay attention to what aspects

2018-04-21 19:12:47

There is a famous saying in the design world: good design should satisfy him, please him, improve him, encourage him. There has been a lot of research on the satisfaction and pleasure of furniture design for the elderly in China, and new achievements have been made


Elderly furniture


This information comes from experience


Elderly furniture should take into account the use of wheelchairs and other factors, and is different from conventional furniture in size design. The height of the bed is slightly higher than the general bed, but it can not be too high, and the height of the wheelchair can be flat, with 50cm-60cm is appropriate, the bottom of the bed is best to have a depth of 20cm, a height of 30cm space, so that the wheelchair is closer to the bed


Gerontic ergonomics is an important element in furniture design for the aged. Old people squat hard, drawer should not be arranged in the lowest level of furniture. The sofa should not be too low and soft, to avoid the elderly to sit down difficult, but also difficult to stand up, in the design should pay attention to make its soft bag filling more resilient and elastic. In addition to the sofa around the foot, storage board, magazine shelf and other accessories or angles can be adjusted


It is best for elderly people to have help and mobility functions. It is best to use glass design for the cabinet door, so that the elderly who are easy to forget the placement of items at a glance


The color of furniture design has a greater impact on the body and mind of the elderly than the shape, red and black, blue and white, yellow and green and other large areas of strong contrast of color will interfere with the central nervous system of the elderly, making them mood fluctuations, while beige, pearl white, brown and other medium brightness, medium purity of the warm color has a calming effect, wood color is closer to nature, will make the elderly mood more stable.

Matters needing attention

Stainless steel, glass, mirror, high polishing paint should be used as little as possible and not in a sunny room, the furniture of these materials will give the elderly an illusion and cause accidents


The height of the table should also take into account that some wheelchairs can enter the table, which is convenient for the elderly to move from the wheelchair to the bed


The height of the cabinet should not exceed 1.5 meters, and the lowest partition should not be less than 30 centimeters. The height of the cabinet used by the elderly in wheelchairs should not be higher than 1.4 meters


Elderly furniture design does not have to pursue fashion trends, but the shape of Chinese and western old-fashioned furniture can better meet the elderly nostalgia psychology, so that they are easy to recall the previous life, produce a kind of spiritual satisfaction