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Delingha travel guide

2018-03-08 06:24:00

Delingha is one of the more famous scenic spots in our country, located in the Qaidam Basin. So in a relatively far place, a lot of people do not want to go to that kind of place to play, must be some fanatical travel enthusiasts to be suitable, after all, in such a place, play, suffer more.


If we go to this scenic spot, we can start from or, so the way to travel is not a road trip. It is best to travel with a group chartered bus, not recommended to go alone.


If we go, in Delingha, most of what we see is some desert, and strange rocks, and so on, which can be regarded as an exotic style.


If you travel in this place, the budget is more than 5,000, because there are no tickets to scenic spots to speak of, but the difficult environment leads to the comfort of a bit of money.


We can also play some drag racing projects in the desert, there will be a special driver to take us to experience the speed and passion, the fee is not very high, more than one hundred people, at most two people at a time.


In addition, there are many lakes in Delingha, which are very clear, but very precious in the other side where the water is relatively scarce. When you play there, you should pay attention to these lakes and take care of them.


To play, it is recommended to bring a lot of sun protection, hydration supplies, as well as masks, sunglasses, hats are necessary. It's not good to get sunburned.