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Day Tao Lotte website shopping guide

2018-06-10 01:36:00

I believe that there are a lot of Japanese people now, and there are many tutorials, so I will not say Japan today. And share with you another shopping process in Japan how to buy things back to their own hand Taobao specific operation Japanese website use Japanese, if you feel not used to reading Japanese, you can suggest using Google and other browsers, the entire page translated into Chinese, so that you can avoid language barriers. Tools Register transfer account Register Japanese website account Steps/methods to prepare for overseas Amoy (register transfer account) First of all, a credit card VISA or MASTER that can be paid abroad, most people have it. Then, in order to solve the transportation problem, we must first go to the transportation website to apply for an account. I used transshipment and it was good. The price was very good. In fact, there are many similar, like what the same boat, gels, flying ocean, long he, hundred tong and so on, in fact, are small differences. Take your time choosing what you like. Shipping costs are directly related to weight, so it's best not to buy heavy items. Click free registration - fill in the relevant information (email, password, address, etc.) - registration success, you will be able to get Japan shipping address Note: in the transfer site need to fill in your shipping address, this do not fill in the wrong, you will not receive. Below is the address of the Japanese warehouse we got. Overseas online shopping first step: Register new user registration: The Japanese website layout is very similar to that of China, first of all, we will register a shopping website account - click member registration.


Mode of Transport: Transshipment (air)


Payment method: Visa, MasterCard


Fill in the registration information.


Japanese websites require names to be entered in Hiragana katakana, we can convert in the dokochina address, note: the above family name must be the transfer account five code (first five letters).


Add goods: Search directly in Chinese, we can jump out of the goods we want


Click on shopping cart, login password


Fill in the address, enter the warehouse delivery address information. Enter the postal code will automatically jump out of the address, copy the address of the transfer account background to complete the residence details. Confirm address Click Confirm.


Payment, generally visa card and Master card more, foreign shopping website credit card payment do not need to enter the password (foreign isa good faith society), only enter the name, card number and validity period to complete the payment. Check the single payment box. Select the delivery method, select the next step after checking.


Submit the order, check the information, click Submit order.


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