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Constellation (11.9), Aries hesitate, seat depressed

2018-03-30 20:48:14

Original title: Constellation Sun Luck (11.9), Aries hesitate, sign downturn, Libra should advertise this horoscope reference sun and rising constellation horoscope: November 9, 2019


Aries: Something is brewing but there is always hesitation in your mind, wondering what the consequences will be. A little trouble in your relationship, but fortunately you two can communicate in depth in time and resolve it in time. [Seat] Bad luck is weak! You can have particularly negative opinions about what you see around you. Because of some small things in front of lovers haggling, take the initiative to admit mistakes can also save some points.


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You're not being "thoughtful" either in thinking about problems or in dealing with them. The lovelorn people can not listen to sad love songs today, otherwise they will not be able to control their emotions! The mood is starting to get better than before, and one or two social situations have given you new life inspiration. Today is suitable for confession, the probability of success is particularly high, seize the hard-won opportunity! Scorpio: There will be pressure to meet deadlines today, and because one thing is tied to another, there will be a definite schedule. Taking opportunities to be kind to yourself and your partner, eating good food, and spending time with friends is a good way to do this.


Sagittarius: Maintain the most basic manners, even when dealing with people you dislike. People who experience lovelorn can gradually shift their attention, put down the old person, and start a new life. [Capricorn] Use a lot of excuses to help yourself wayward, your own comfort, but others start to redefine you. You may get together with close people, but be careful not to preach and give long speeches to yourself.


Aquarius: Use your flexible mind to organize your time so that you don't get overwhelmed. Try to change your attitude when talking to your date. At least you won't feel too nervous. If you can't find a lover to accompany you, it is also good to play about a friend and contact your feelings. A trip to a restaurant with a nice atmosphere can lead to a fantasy romance, but it may feel short-lived.