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Common small picture lossless amplification method

2018-03-31 06:24:20

We know that the scaling of vector images is lossless, so how to achieve lossless amplification of ordinary jpg, bmp and other formats of bitmaps?


PhotoZoom Pro7 (V7.1.0)


JPG picture


This is a picture I posted on the Internet. It's our flower farmer's rabbit.


Just drag in the image you want to enlarge, just like Photoshop.


Then, enter the size you want to enlarge, and adjust the resolution, you can select a satisfactory effect of the preset template in the lower left, then we can also fine-tune the various functions, on the right main page we can see the adjustment effect in real time. The left side is the effect preview after PZ amplification, and the right side is the comparison preview of the effect after ordinary amplification.


Once the adjustment is satisfactory, we just need to save the picture.

Matters needing attention

Because bitmaps are affected by the number of pixels, it doesn't matter if the image needs to be enlarged smaller, but if the original image is blurred, the effect is not as good.