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CNC drilling machine tool selection tips

2018-04-13 20:48:39

CNC drilling machine is a commonly used drilling equipment in various industries, which has the advantages of labor saving, high efficiency and high precision. How to choose the tool is also a skill, choose to make you more efficient processing, lower production costs.


CNC surface drilling machine


CNC 3D drilling machine




According to the processing efficiency, most of the past users used ordinary high-speed steel twist drill, twist drill has low cost, wide range of application, and convenient grinding, which is the main factor that has been used so far. But the cutting line speed of twist drill restricts its speed, the larger the diameter, the lower the speed, and the finish of drilling is poor; Carbide tool is characterized by high temperature resistance, good wear resistance, high hardness suitable for high-speed drilling processing, high processing efficiency, good precision, high finish of drilling. The disadvantage is that the price is high, and the blade can not be used repeatedly after damage.


According to the drilling depth to select the drilling depth/drilling diameter ≤5 hole users can use indexable insert carbide drill, this drill bit efficiency, relatively low cost, and high drilling finish;


This page is based on experience


Select according to the spindle taper hole spindle using Morse taper hole can only choose high speed steel twist drill; The spindle taper hole has a 7:24 taper and the automatic broach structure can choose a variety of different tools including twist drill.

Matters needing attention

Ordinary low speed drill because of the equipment itself speed limit, the use of ordinary twist drill can meet the use.


If the production efficiency and the accuracy of the hole are required to be higher, it is necessary to select high-speed mobile plane drilling and use carbide drilling high-pressure internal cold drill, which can make the comprehensive cost best controlled.