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Clay pot fragrant - shredded radish meat cake soup rice

2018-04-12 17:36:52

Yesterday LG told the cat, something to be busy, the next month has no time to go home to eat, most of the time will be a cat at home to eat, well, the work is important, we have to take good care of themselves, thinking about how to do delicious, and easy meals, the first thought is dumplings and clay rice, think of this, after returning home, Immediately began to chop stuffing, a person in the kitchen, not much effort, dumplings wrapped up, put it in the refrigerator frozen, with to eat with, then there are some remaining meat filling, put it in the soup, surprisingly delicious, super fragrant, the taste of meat Patty is also fragrant and delicious, and you can also eat a little sweet carrot, meat flavor are integrated into the rice, Not much effort, a casserole rice have let the cat wipe out, touch the belly, very satisfied ah, ha ha ~

Food ingredient

Rice 100g


Mince 150g


10 grams of spring onion and ginger


Wash the rice first.


Then put in the appropriate amount of soak for 15-20 minutes, the rice absorbs the water and becomes larger.


Then put in the right amount, pour in a little cooking oil.


Close the lid and fire.


At the same time, another pot, put a little bit of cooking oil, put the onion and ginger into the fragrant.


Just a little bit of the flavor, the oyster sauce, a little bit of sugar.


Bring to a boil and set aside.


At this time, the rice in the casserole is close to dry water, and then put the radish shreds into the meat filling.


Lay flat in casserole dish.


Put the lid on, turn off the minimum heat, and slowly turn the casserole to heat evenly all around.


The fragrant rice is finished

Matters needing attention

Radish shreds meat filling: 150g radish shreds with salt to get out of the water, then rinse, and then grab dry water, then put in 100g minced meat, 10g spring onion, 3g ginger, water hair mushroom cut into the minced 15g, add the right amount of salt, sugar, taste very fresh, oyster sauce, sesame oil mix it into the meat Patty.