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Civilian version of the "BMW 3 Series", than the Xuan Yi has face, 70,000 than Emgrand cost-effective

2018-03-30 06:24:35

In order to win the trust of car buyers in a very short period of time, it is not a joint venture brand, or an independent brand, everyone is more eager, said that some brands will carry out a long period of market research, China H3 naturally can not escape this scene. Of course, as BMW's luxury brand in our Chinese side of the full partner, the Chinese H3 confidence is quite sufficient, explosive momentum, so that it can have a unique, and as a cornerstone to quickly seize the market. From the soaring value of the brand to the competitiveness of the specific product itself, there is such a thing that the Chinese H3 has crossed many innovative design bottlenecks, and in order to create a more high-quality car model.


Above the appearance, the front face is still a family design style, the air intake grille, the internal air intake grille, is no longer longitudinal, but changed to a horizontal design. You can see from the vehicle modeling lines smooth and quite a sense of movement, the headlamp modeling presents an irregular trend, the feeling is very personality is the combination of daytime driving vehicles and fog lights and other light groups, the ingenious details let people dizzily.


The Chinese H3 on the side of the body is still a sliding back style design style, and the breath of the coupe comes to the face, and then you can see that the length, width and height ratio of the body size is 4640mm, 1790mm and 1445mm, and the wheelbase is the 2660mm exposed earlier. This kind of specification data does have a more coordinated momentum compared with the previous applications.


On the interior, the styling design style of the vehicle tends to be simple, and the color is black and silver as the tone, but some details are mixed with red elements, and the embellishments give people unlimited reverie space. In the interior configuration, not multi-functional steering wheel, or electric sunroof, are all standard. However, we should also see the configuration of more scientific and intelligent living atmosphere, such as intelligent mutual integration, or fixed-speed cruise system.


Chassis architecture, with McPherson type independent suspension in front and torsion beam type non-independent suspension in back, its relaxed modeling design results will have relatively stable performance effects on uneven roads, even if the uneven place can get stable experience results.


In terms of power system, it is equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine and a 1.5T turbocharged engine, which can be selected according to different needs. In terms of power, the former's maximum power is 82kW, the latter reaches 110kW, and the peak torque is 220 nm exposed earlier. On the basis of these, there is also the transmission aspect, which is matched by the transmission, respectively, the 5-speed manual transmission and the 5-speed manual self-integrated transmission, and the performance of both did not disappoint.