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China snow village tourism guide

2018-02-15 12:48:00

China's snow village is located in the city of Hailin territory, the middle of Zhangguangcai Ridge. Zhangguangcailing Mountain range enters from the southwest of the district, and its main peak Laodingzi stands at the top of the group of peaks, 1686.9 meters above sea level, the second highest peak in the northeast; And majestic, 1,672 meters above sea level and called two strange. The snow on the top of the two mountains does not melt all the year round, and alpine pine and Yue birch are born all over the mountain, and purple incense blossoms in August, becoming a unique unique scenery on the mountain.


The snow country


Scenic spot


Every year from October to snow, the snow can stop in November, the snow has more than ten centimeters thick, from this time also opened the curtain of snow and ice dream world. The specific time depends on the time of snow each year, but generally from mid-November, until the end of March of the next year is the best time; The snow is heaviest and best from January to February; The most comfortable time to play is October and March, when the weather is not too cold, you can put open. So how about a few days in the snow country? General travel agency's regular line is a two-day tour, stay in the snow village time is two half days, if it is a friend who likes photography, the two-day tour time is a little tight, arrange three-day tour is the best


Snow village scenery 1 Snow village family fairy tale small yard. To the snow village, if you do not come to this fairy tale little yard, it is like you did not arrive at Tiananmen Square. 2 Snow village night fairy tale small yard night. The white and flawless snow in the red lantern under the light, the light of gold and red, even the wooden fence is like gold, full of charming charm. Snow village unique "good days" floating high against the wind, silent transmission of a festival, behind the window through the warm light, reflecting the figure walking back and forth, there is a vague mahjong collision sound and talk of laughter 3 Yangcao mountain sunrise 4 Water and ink snow village to snow village New Year, in the snow fairy tale world of the Spring Festival, this is how many people yearning for the festival. Take a look at this snow village fairy tale, feel the snow and ice of Northeast China, and have an unforgettable Spring Festival. 5 Dream Homes


Snow village entertainment 1, skiing 2, riding a dog to pull a plow 3, riding a horse 4, playing snow circle 5, see snow village impression performance 6, see duet


Snow township traffic distance from snow township more than 300 kilometers, there are two roads can go to snow township, one is snow road, you can ski in Yabri, and then go to snow Township, on the road there are two waves river snow village, big Dingzi, snow valley; The other is the snow village road, the distance is similar. Relatively speaking, the snow village road is easier to walk. It usually takes about six hours. Join the travel agency: Each travel agency has a line to the snow village every day, generally a two-day tour.


The best season to travel in Snow village is from November to the end of March, when the temperature is around minus 10 degrees to minus 30 degrees, how much clothing should you wear? First, have warm shoes. Cold from the feet, wearing a pair of light and warm shoes can make you feel warm all over the body. In the northeast, cotton shoes generally have fur or felt, you can also come to buy, there is a shoe city in the district of Construction Street, you just spend dozens of dollars on a one-time consumption can buy a pair of warm and beautiful cotton shoes. Second, have a light down jacket. This is a must for travelers, which needs to wear a fleece coat, if afraid of cold can prepare a more, when going to the scenic spot to wear, but usually can not wear, the indoor temperature is above 18 degrees, very warm. Third, wear warm shorts. Now no one in the northeast wears cotton pants, but you must prepare a thick pair of wool pants or thermal pants. Always wear corduroy pants or knee pads under light down pants. Fourth, prepare scarves and gloves. A thick scarf is necessary, tied in the down jacket hat is very warm; Warm hands are also important, be sure to prepare a pair of wool gloves. These small items are sold in the tourist area, and can be re-purchased according to needs.


Ice and snow tourism need to pay attention to car rental: to snow township or Dongsheng 150, snow Township to Chang260, long to Rime Island 200, Mohe to Arctic village tour car rental services.