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Children's painting to celebrate National Day how to draw

2018-05-01 01:36:00

Children in the art class, often draw children's paintings, the teacher gives a theme, and then let the children design their own scene painting. How to draw the National Day celebration? Here to share the painting process, first draw a sketch, and draw the scene of celebrating the National Day. Children learn art, can add artistic style, improve aesthetic ability, like painting friends can refer to the following painting steps, together to paint it.


First of all, use a pencil to draw a sketch on the white paper to celebrate the National Day, and use a black color pen to draw the writing column and graphics on the white paper, as shown in the following figure.


Next, draw the child's head and background with a black pen, as shown below.


Then, draw the child's body and clothes with a black color pen, and draw the figure held on the hand, as shown below.


Next, color the child's clothes with orange and light red color pens, as shown in the image below.


Then, use red and orange color pens to color the child's dress figure, as shown in the image below.


Finally, use the red color pen to write the theme text for the background figure, and use the green color pen to draw the green grass figure, as shown below. So the children's painting to celebrate the National Day is done.