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Bread or favorite soup varieties ----- red bean paste bread

2018-05-04 17:36:00

Son especially like to eat bean paste stuffed buns, so, while in the mood to make bread again made a bean paste bread, or 65 degrees C soup of the recipe, the shape of a random. The bread I make seems to sprinkle sesame on the surface of the ha, no way, who let the size of the mouse at home are particularly love to eat sesame! I'm lazy, don't want to make any shape to take pictures, straight out of the oven after the two on the baking sheet is OK. To tell you the truth, I am lazy, and the most important thing is that my brain is not good enough to make good films. Now the bread is done a lot, slowly began to feel a little, unlike the beginning, to weigh the material in the square, one at a time to stir, obviously feel the dough is very dry and difficult to knead, but also dare not add water, directly made a hard stone to feed the trash can, hand kneading is already so hard, waste a few hours to make something can not eat, you said, It was really frustrating, and then, not making bread for a long time. Now know not to put all the water in all at once, know that if the dough feels too dry you can appropriately add a little water, know that you can divide it according to the size you want, know that the same piece of dough can make different shapes and different fillings of bread. Red bean paste dough ingredients: 260g high gluten flour (original recipe is 210g high powder, 56g cake flour, I don't have cake flour to 260g high powder), milk powder 20g, white sugar 42g, salt 1/2 teaspoon (5ml spoon), yeast powder 6g, whole egg liquid 30g, water 85g, soup 84g, butter 22g filling ingredients: Red bean paste appropriate surface decoration: whole egg, sesame (each use an egg, the dough is used to 30 grams, the rest is used to brush the surface just) Production process: 1, soup methods: 2, kneading, fermentation: 3, production process (10 bread portions, just divided into two plates to bake, the final fermentation, a plate into the oven fermentation, another plate of fermentation is like this: Put some water in the pot, boil to about 30 degrees Celsius, turn off the heat, set up a steam rack, and let the bread rise on the steam rack. The first dish comes out, the second dish is finished fermentation)