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BMW 3 Series with navigation

2018-03-30 08:00:37

This paper expounds the inconvenience brought by BMW 3 Series without navigation, describes the detailed steps of installing navigation in BMW 3 Series, and provides reference for the majority of car owners.


NBT host, 8.8-inch original screen, reverse image reverse track (including front and rear), handwritten knob (including handwriting and ceramic), related adaptive wiring harness, special tools for disassembling and loading cars.


This is a new BMW 320 with a navigation not installed;


BMW 320 equipped with navigation can choose 8.8 inch large screen or keep the original 6.5 inch small screen, the following is the comparison of the two screens;


The original car screen is only 6.5 inches, the use of maps is not convenient, it looks more difficult;


BMW 320 installed navigation is to store the navigation software in the host, the following picture shows that the small screen and the host have been removed and replaced with the NBT host and 8.8 inch screen;


Remove the original car knob and replace it with a handwriting knob at the place of the handbox. A handwriting module needs to be installed;


Install reversing image module;


After the front reset, the reverse image and reverse track can be displayed;


At the same time, also has the navigation function, installation completed.

Matters needing attention

It should be noted during installation that a special six-edge screwdriver is required for screw removal; In addition, plastic pry bars can avoid scratches on the car; After the installation is complete, the debugging is complete only after the navigation is tested.