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Bicycle chain how to do one second repair

2018-06-10 11:12:00

In recent years, the popularity of sharing the wind has gradually popularized shared bicycles, sweeping the bicycle for you to ride, the concept of green travel publicity makes office workers more willing to ride a bicycle in their leisure time to go to nature for a walk, at this time there will inevitably be embarrassing problems, when the bicycle is off the chain, don't panic, learn a trick with me to solve the chain for a second.








Bicycle chain is a common problem in bicycle maintenance, bicycle chain is off for many reasons, the main reason is the chain is too loose, the solution is to go to the maintenance point to remove a piece to ensure the tightness of the chain. Do not be too tight, if too tight and then off the chain will be difficult to repair. Now, let's start by explaining how to fix a chain.


First of all, we need to wear gloves, the pinion on the bicycle and the chain butt, if the chain is stuck by the pinion at this time, you need to use a wrench to unscrew the wheel and take out the chain and tighten it.


Next, you need to consider the big gear. Connect the upper part of the chain with the upper gear and rotate the bicycle pedal counterclockwise by hand to connect most of the chain with the big gear.


In the last step, some friends may wonder why they can't move it, at this time, we only need to use our feet to step on the pedal that has just controlled the rotation.


Some friends will say that I dare not step on the chain to step on the broken, in fact, this point can not be worried, the chain itself is elastic otherwise how can it fall down? After the repair is completed, everyone can continue to get in their cars and go out to play.

Matters needing attention

Be sure to pay attention to safety during cycling, if you can't use gloves outdoors, get oil on your hands and wash it with gasoline


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