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Ancient town tourism guide

2018-06-11 00:00:00

Several ancient towns that you must visit!


The ancient village is located in the northwest of Majong Township in the county. It is named after the 120 Ming and Qing Zhuang Ganlan-style wooden buildings in the village. According to reports, the history of the village is still no specific written records, but according to the old man in the village, the ancestors of the village is the descendants of the ancient sentence town country, the residents of the village still weave native cloth, wear native cloth, speak local language, many customs are extremely important with the history of the county's "ancient sentence town country".


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


Xijiang Miao Village: Hanging house side to see the lights Xijiang Miao Village is located in Xijiang Town, about 200 kilometers away. There are more than 1,250 households and more than 5,600 people here, which is the largest Miao village in the world and is also known as the thousand-household Miao village. Along the road all the way bumpy, after turning the peak, on both sides of the hillside a large dark red Miaojia stilt house crowded into the eyes, giving a huge visual shock. This is Xijiang Miao Village. Xijiang Miao Village is located in a river valley, surrounded by mountains, mountains, rivers meander through the village, dividing the Miao village in two. Stacked wooden buildings, from both sides of the river in accordance with the mountain, rolling upward, continuous pieces of dark red wall, in the sunset, a brilliant. The front and back of the house, bamboo embellishment, walled foot Zhaishui, maple leaf, in which, as if outside the world. At the gate of the village, Miao girls covered in silver ornaments sang Miao folk songs, held horn cups, and toasted every guest who came from afar. In the square of the stockade, the girls and boys staged Miao songs and dances every day, the sound of Lushan sheng and the jingle of silver bells, which was caused by the prosperity. The onlookers also joined in, singing and dancing, and it was a good school of singing and dancing. Walking through the stockades on the hillside is like entering a maze. With the ups and downs of the mountain, the stilted buildings and half-stilted buildings built by the Chinese fir structure are scattered and arranged. The beauty of the balcony railing, the patterned window lattice, and the thick wooden door all interpret the ancient and heavy Miao family history. Local characteristics of the long table can not be tasted, low tables and chairs lined up in a long slide, guests sit on both sides, a small plate with Miao special dishes, Miao girls singing folk songs in turn to toast, very enthusiastic, let people can not resist. At night, I will live on the stilted house, lean over the railing and look at the distance, under the blowing of the mountain wind, I can see the lights all over the mountains, as if the sky were full of stars... Before leaving, you can go to the village silversmith, choose the desired silver jewelry to take back, see the silver jewelry worn by Miao girls when dressed, you know how fine the silver jewelry work here, travel tips: to Xijiang Town bus bus, bus at the bus station. 36 kilometers, the road is not good, coupled with the frequent up and down the villages along the way, the drive is more than 2 hours. Morning shift at 7:50 a.m., last shift around 4:00 p.m. In addition, Kaili also has a direct shuttle bus to Xijiang, at the state bus station. At present, the travel agency affiliated to the CYTS Union has opened a route from Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village and Huangguoshu Waterfall and Star Bridge.


In the meantime, you can taste the beauty of the "first residential house" in the deep courtyard of Li Chunye, the military scholar of the Ming Dynasty, and touch the vicissitudes of the wind and rain of 2200 years in the Zhuangyuan Cultural Park, which lives near the water, and recall the war years of the Red Army three times in the Red Army street. In your spare time, you may wish to sit quietly in the ancient theater and feel the unique folk customs such as Merlin drama and Nuo dance... Enter, the first set foot on an old street paved with bluestones, by the way came to the Ming Dynasty army and prince Taiji Li Chunye built tomorrow Qi years of the palace - Shangshui. The architectural layout of Shangshudi is rigorous and reasonable, and it is the largest and best preserved Ming dynasty residential house in existence. Its tall black brick walls and grand wooden doors bring a thick historical atmosphere to the ancient town. In addition to Shangshudi, Red Army Street is also a good place to go, Red Army Street is well preserved important revolutionary sites, may wish to visit. In addition, most of the residential houses were built in the Ming Dynasty, and it is very pleasant to stroll the streets, listen to the babbling of the streams on both sides, and see the leisure life of the local residents. If you are hanging out at night, you will have more fun. To travel, suitable for staying a few days, a lot of natural scenery around is also worth seeing. Rafting in the upper Qingxi River is a good choice to enjoy the cool, the scenery along the way is different, the stream or slow or quick, bamboo raft through the narrow mountain stream, inadvertently there will be spring water pouring down, to give you a heart cool. The ancient trees on both sides of the gloomy, the cliff can be seen everywhere through hundreds of millions of weathering of different shapes of the rocks, at this moment, you can follow the shape of things, imagine how ancient times here was a piece of the sea. In addition, a cruise is also pleasant enough, watching the lake glow in the sun, listening to the guide tell the local history of the story, quite interesting. The whole trip around the lake, there are Gan Lu Temple, a line of shore sightseeing attractions, can not be missed.