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Aden travel guide

2018-04-29 12:48:00

Today, some netizens asked me about Aden's tourism strategy. Xiaobian checked some information on the Internet and summarized it according to personal experience. I hope it helps.


Means of transportation


All kinds of snacks


Aden Scenic Area is located in Riwa Township, because of the special geographical environment and natural climate, formed a unique landform and natural landscape, is the most complete preservation of a natural ecosystem in China. It is praised by international friends as "the last piece of pure land on the water-blue planet". Like the local devout Tibetans, walking around the mountains is the best way to experience the scenery of Aden. However, due to the high altitude of the Aden Reserve, the full hike still requires considerable physical strength.


With an average elevation of 4,500 meters, Haizi Mountain is the largest ancient ice body remains on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and is known as the "ancient ice cap". The most unique landscape of Haizi Mountain is composed of large and small gravel stone river, stone sea and different forms of ice erosion lake. There are 1,145 large and small Haizi twinkling in the mountains, its scale density is the most in China, from which the Haizi Mountain is named.


The Red Grass Beach is very seasonal, appearing only in autumn every year, and the time is very short, only a dozen days (early October) can be seen. At that time, the lake and the marsh were covered with red water plants, and a red landscape came into view, warm and gorgeous. It is best to shoot red grass Beach when there is sunshine, the color will be more gorgeous and more layered. It works best if it's sunny after a rain.


Yangmaiyong Tibetan meaning "Manjusri Bodhisattva", 5958 meters above sea level, in Buddhism ranked in the "three Lord" snow mountain head. Yang Maiyong is like a maiden, quiet and demure. Standing at the top of the peak, I turned and looked back. Between the wide canyons surrounded by mountains, forests, meadows, and streams stood in harmony with each other.

Matters needing attention

Everyone should pay attention to the protection of their health


Everyone should pay attention to safety when traveling